It Lives

Ive been dreaming For so long Of something more to everyday. Something no one can understand. Something more beautiful Than the meaning Of beauty itself. Ive grown fond of this. It inspires my every move. It keeps me going. Everything about it Gives me hope. Ive painted a picture of it. Once i saw its own picture It became 3D, Moving towards me. Shocking enough To make my jaw drop, Beautiful enough To over power Everything elses beauty. Nothing compares anymore. The more i watch it move The more i am stunned by it. Every fear Every bad memory Every scar Upon myself Fades away more As i continue to watch it move And to hear its movements And to know its out there. As it goes into the crowd I can always point it out As the art piece i have drawn In my dreams my whole life. My colorful picture My special music, Feel the beat inside And see it shine with beauty, Because everything i couldve Ever dreamed of Is living among me.

Passionate for horses, reading, writing, music, nature and art.
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