Drenched {A Kyungsoo Smut}

Because we all need a little D.O smut in our lives lol. I do really weird things when I'm bored.....


The thunder is so loud that it almost makes you drop the mug you're holding brimming with hot tea. When you peek out of the window you notice that the rain is heavy and that the trees outside your apartment are swaying in the strong wind. You glance up at the clock and frown. It's past midnight and Kyungsoo should've already been back from practice. You hope that he at least had enough sense to call a taxi and not walk home in this weather, but knowing him he would probably just run though the rain with his coat over his head. Your prediction turns out to be right because when you hear the door unlock and you quickly go out to meet Kyungsoo in the hallway, he's drenched from head to toe and is holding a broken umbrella in one hand. "Kyungsoo! You could have gotten sick!!" You cry out, immediately helping him out of his jacket and ushering him toward the bedroom. He chuckles as you scold him and pull his shirt over his head in an attempt to get him out of his moist clothing. Kyungsoo sits down on the bed, looking up at you with his signature wide-eyed gaze as you grab a towel from the bathroom and walk over to dry his hair. You stand between his legs and Kyungsoo leans forward an rests his head gently on your stomach. When Kyungsoo pulls back, hands still holding around the waist, you can't help but notice how alluring he looks in the dark. You can still make out the contours of his fave, his full lips and the strong curve of his shoulders. Without his shirt on, you can see his chest heave a bit as he breathes. You look away in embarrassment when you figure out you're staring. Kyungsoo doesn't seem to mind at all though, in fact he tugs you a bit closer and the towel slips from your hands as Kyungsoo leans up to kiss you. His fingers feel cold when they slip up your shirt, grazing the dip of your waist. You make a sound against Kyungsoo's mouth in protest, but he just moves his lips down toward your neck. When he leans back, effectively yanking you on top of him, you can feel the fabric of his jeans rub against the skin of your thigh. You want to stop, to tell Kyungsoo that his can wait until after he's taken a warn bath, but at the same time you're completely hypnotized by the Kyungsoo tastes and how his teeth are leaving little marks on the skin of your collarbone. His fingers already playing with the hem of panties, asking for them to come off. Kyungsoo easily gets you naked and flips you two over so you're pressed between him and the mattress. Kyungsoo doesn't take long to get out of his own remaining clothing and he takes even shorter to pepper your navel with kisses until he stops at your hips and looks up at you with a piercing gaze.


Without further hesitation, Kyungsoo goes down on you and your eyes shut tight as you try and register the waves of pleasure coming over you as Kyungsoo's tongue plays with your folds. You're practically breathless, managing only to repeat Kyungsoo's name in short, high moans as you feel him go deeper, hot breath on your core and his nails digs onto your thighs for stability. You know that Kyungsoo won't let you get off so easily, he somehow manages to stop right before you hit your climax and teasingly leaves you on edge. You shake slightly, the need for release making your brain hazy as you begin to whisper for Kyungsoo to get inside of you. With a searing kiss, Kyungsoo let's himself press against your entrance. The little pause makes you want to go crazy. Before you can open your mouth Kyungsoo is already pushing inside of you and the golden feeling of being filled leaves you speechless again. You hear Kyungsoo let out a low groan, commenting in a deep tone that you're so right and hot. His voice alone makes you shiver and when he starts moving, hips bucking against yours in slow, but rhytmical thrusts your whole body feels like it's been on fire. You cling to his shoulders, only a thin layer of sweat keeping you apart as Kyungsoo thrusts into you nice and deep. You let him Kyungsoo have full control and with every move you feel you get closer to your orgasm. When Kyungsoo starts going faster, noises escaping the back of his throat, you now that he's lost his patience. Kyungsoo curses to himself as you clench down on him. In a matter of seconds, Kyungsoo had lost it and is moving in and out of you with absolutely no mercy. You scream in ecstasy when you feel the pit of your stomach tighten. Kyungsoo comes a few seconds after you. You've lost feeling in your arms as they drop to your sides and Kyungsoo rocks your body with a few more thrusts before slipping out. Kyungsoo takes your hand in his and kisses your palm as you cuddle a little closer.


I need to just stop lol..... I hope you guys enjoyed!!! Tagging my Fanfic and EXO buddies!!! @nimikathapa13@punkpandabear@AimeeH@SugaOnTop@Keena85@ShortyGarcia@RavenQueen0810@BrianaMarion@michellewong776@sierrakuper@kpopis100@UnnieCakesAli@Baekyeol27@drummergirl692@Ercurrent@MickieDanels15@DaisyPhun@externallyeli@MissT615@Bitterlimelight@nancyMnguyen@JasmineWilliams@ChavaBerry@NiqueEvans@saraortiz2002@choisumin1004@reya14@lolImbetter09@marijam14@SashaLove@dayumitsabamf@VeronicaArtino@reemsalem65@JazmnMThis@KellyOConnor@YelyReyes@EliseB@DeyaniraEstrada@YeseniaF@DesireeChucklez@ZionPerezFlower@DamarisCisneros@KpopKathy@kristendmh@MyaIsNotSexy@Rockja@terenailyn@Allyson3333@CamrynCherry@LaurenDimalanta@JessicaFigueroa@Kylie88@LizzyRubyCiss@ZitaMahoney@Angebel@JessicaEvaristo@OliviaZenger@MichelleMonroe@LizaNightshade@LeighHolgate@amullins2007@jjrockstar@heidichiesa@AuraKyoshiro@CloverShadows@sarahdarwish@lunastormnoona@DekaraMiller@KaylaGraham@sarcasticme101@MinDeji@MadAndrea@jessicalnichols@ivyheart13@StephanyAcevedo@BlackRabbit21@ChelstiEdwards@MayraYanez@jen19gar93@TLeahEdwards@Katherina2078@HayleyEastman@Moose1998@CreeTheOtaku@CarenBoykins@funfunbunbun@KarenGuerra93@ClaudiaCastro@elizabeth1234@tinathellama@Bizzycx@ReynadeKpop@jaebug@aprillove96@exogot7bts@kolai4@bribri21@AshleyAndino@christianliu@GeetanjaliRao@AliciaJaneth@ladygdragon@DulceOjeda@LexTay327@IGot7Forever@Roxy1903@staceyholley@DevonArce@SarahVanDorn@KpopQueenaBee@QueenLele@applecake452@megancurrent9@Konnor@Starbell808@JacquelineTakas@ClaireT@electra12@LaniRooney@ruthmilian89@EmilyPeacock@LlamaBaozi577@mjenniferjm9@KatiePrihodiko@AnimeGirl320688@ahluetters@tiffany1922@AnnaArai@DeshavonBaker@Elena166@Dahliadang@ChelseaAustin@windyskies@MalihaAhmed@BrandyBell16@LondonGomez@jenjenkhreim@ashrose33@BelencitaGarcia@mixiesimone@Princess2328@P1B2Bear@JasmineGregory@LaynicornLay@Adetoro@DanaMichelle@TiffanyBibian@Tamaki1618@LaurenStrayhorn@ahamerla@caterrel@divanicola05@Mikim000@rmchapa15@bbyitskatie@BreeMassey@MariaCastillo22@lrngalray15@DinaEXO@SofiaDominguez@DalyRomero@kpopandkimchi@Roxy1903@Jiyongixoxo@B1A4BTS5ever@amobigbang@panouvang123@VixenViVi@KaceyDodge@SehunsQueen@Tigerlily84@Dino21@JohnEvans@glo86@CloverShadows@Emealia@Exoexo@jiggzy19@DenesiaGardner@KpopGaby@CreeTheOtaku@xoxoaudra98@AimeeH@JessAS@saraortiz2002@parktaemi@shinbinhee@SHINee808@Allyson3333@KellyOConnor@RihannaTiaMay@stacyneroland@xxxtina@MichelleIbarra@Baekyeol27@ladygdragon@LilMcGriddle18@MadAndrea@squishyseokjin@KathyCrew@LexTay327@Lizzeh@AnnahiZaragoza@herreravanessa9@4m4nd41op3z@PrettieeEmm@DaphneGonzalez@SarahVanDorn@CCHI0692@Starbell808@ashleykpop@LaurenStrayhorn@SugaOnTop@daljiyong@UnnieCakesAli@stevieq@SamanthaRae19@ChelseaJay@jessicalnichols@tayunnie@CrystalBlunt@ChavaBerry@beckiboop1996@TesneemElAlami@MorganElisabeth@DekaraMiller@nnatelieg@YeseniaF@PamelaPenaloza@celesteyc@Kpopfangirl15@ElniWyatt@GeetanjaliRao@ThyaremyCreator@kpopis100@DamarisCisneros@AristaJ@Bitterlimelight@adikiller@BaekyeilBaby@XergalB20@punkpandabear@LizaNightshade@luna1171@ShortyGarcia@LuzzyRibyCiss@christianliu@bangtanella@BluBear07@RavenQueen0810@raenel@BlackRabbit21@Yongsongmi@externallyeli@Ligaya@ChoHee1@NydiaEdwards@OleysaSencen@tannyboo1@exokpop12385@KarenGuerra93@LaurenLedesma@DekaraMiller@electra12@MelissaGarza@AnimeGirl320688@AmyHam@vdavanzo87@BiancaSoto@ChauncyVSutton@aortiz258@MisaAmane@ClarkJohnRamos@BrandyBell16@EmilySavage@ILoveJrocknKpop@dancer1248MN@overdoseonkpop@SofiaDominguez

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