Panthers lose, Cards win

The Cardinals' ninth straight victory — one shy of the club record set in 1948 — clinched at least the No. 2 playoff seed in the NFC and a first-round bye. And thanks to Carolina's loss to Atlanta, Arizona still has a shot at the No. 1 seed — Carolina needs to lose to Tampa Bay while the Cardinals beat Seattle next Sunday. The point spread over the team's nine-game winning streak is 280-162.  Meanwhile, the Panthers lost, 20-13, to the rival Atlanta Falcons Sunday at the Georgia Dome. Even during the team's 14-0 start, the Panthers claimed a 171-point differential. Even with one more win, the Panthers' point differential this season is actually 42 points less than the Arizona's. In fact, the Cardinals scored 30 or more points in nine games to Carolina's seven. Arizona's defense also held opponents to 20 or fewer points in 10 contests, while the Panthers' did the same eight times.  This Cardinals team is dangerous and can beat anybody in the league, regardless of home field advantage. The Panthers better watch out, because if they don't stay hungry the Cards will eat them alive.

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