TOP 15 K-pop Songs 2015!

I just watched a video from JREKML. He made a top 15 list of his favorite Korean songs of 2015 and I thought why not try it? (Here's his video, go check it out) Here is my Top 15 K-pop songs of 2015!

15. SHINee - View

SHINee is my favorite K-pop group but this year they didn't have the greatest songs but I did like view. I wasn't to crazy about Married to the Music but view had that SHINee feeling that I love. It makes me want to jump up and dance. They all look great in the video but the mv kind of made no sense to me. I like the song which is the only reason it made it on my list.

14. Girls Generation -

Catch Me If You Can

GG is the only girl group I really listen to because I'm not into female K-pop groups that much. I really like GG though because they have that kind of music style I enjoy. They are fun, I love their mv's and they have great choreography. This song has great beats, and they build up gets me hyped. I love dancing to this song.

13. Big Bang - Let's Not Fall In Love

Honestly I never listened to Big Bang until this year because they are to loud of a group which I don't like but when this song came out. I was like OMG a song that more calm and cute. It's a really cute song and the one scene when GD comes up and smiles. I die everytime which made me fall for this song!

12. EXO - Call Me Baby

Call Me Baby called me into the song right away. It's so catchy and the mv was so much fun to watch and the dance was so also catchy. I love this song so much, I feel like dancing everytime I listen to it because it's so catchy.

11. DAY6 - Congratulations

This is DAY6's debut song and I fell in love with all their voices right away. I love that they are a band because I haven't seen many band boy groups besides CNBLUE. I love the message behind the song. It's such a great song and I love singing it.

10. 2PM - My House

It's got a great sound to it, the guys are all dressed so colorful, it's a strange video and I love it.

9. GOT7 - If You Do

GOT7 made a lot of great comebacks this year and this one was one of them. I love the mv for this song especially when Bam Bam says "every day, every night, feel like a fool you gotta know". I love it and the dance is so good. This song is so amazing!

8. Seventeen - Mansae

This was my first Seventeen mv and song I've ever seen and I love it so much. Vernon is my bias recker, I will be in my kitchen singing out loud, "Mansae, Mansae, Mansae" and dancing. it's so fun to dance and sing to.

7. BTS - I Need U

I used to listen to this all the time walking to school. It's has such a great build up and it's great to listen to. I love the feel to it and the beats.

6. BTS - Butterfly

This song is so amazing, BTS has had an amzing year in 2015. Butterfly makes me want to dance by myself in my room and it's such a beautiful song. Their voices mixed together to make this song's amazing.

5. VIXX LR - Beautiful Liar

I never listened to VIXX before this song but this song was so beautiful and I could tell their was a hidden message behind it. I love pianos and this song had a very artistic feel which makes it so beautiful and I this is that kind of song I can listen to all the time and never get sick of it.

4. GOT7 - Just Right

I'm so glad I found GOT7 when A came out because I was able to know who everyone in the group was and fangirl because this was such a cute video. I love how upbeat, fun and cute this mv is. The dance is super catchy too! It has such a great message behind it because I'm insecure and GOT7 makes me feel beautiful.

3. Jonghyun (SHINee) -

Beautiful Lady (Oh My Venus OST)

So I picked an OST from Oh My Venus because this first time I heard this song I knew it was Jonghyun's voice from SHINee and this song makes me jam out wherever I am because it's so upbeat and fun. Yes in my opinion it beats all the other songs in my list.

2. Seventeen & Ailee - Q&A

Q&A is so much fun to sing and dance to. I always get up in my mind face and sings this song and she just looks at me weird but I don't care. It's super catchy and the mv is so cute and fun!

1. BTS - Dope

That's right Dope is my favorite 2015 K-pop song. It has awesome beats! My brother who doesn't like K-pop at all even approves of this song because he likes the beats in the background. I love the mv so much. This song has the best choreography I've ever seen. I want to learn it but that's not going to happen because I'm a horrible dancer.

This was my TOP 15 K-pop 2015 list! What's yours? Either make a card and tag me or comment your top 15!@kpopandkimchi@thePinkPrincess (please tag fellow k-poppers)

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