Lovely Nabi : PT 20

He stood there, hands shoved into his jacket pockets just staring at the gates in front of him and the building beyond that. Looking at his watch again he started fidgeting wondering how much longer till the students were dismissed. Shorty his question was answered as students started flowing from the building. The students looked at him oddly and he didn’t blame there; he was completely out of place among them with his leather jacket and blond hair. Soon he saw who he was waiting for watching him make his way from the building to the gate with his head down.

“Ya kid” He said once the boy got close enough. The boy looked up surprise all over his face.

“Y-Yoongi hyung?!” Jung kook just stood there in complete disbelief.

“Nabi is at the store with Jin and Jimin so she asked me to make sure you got home safe.” Yoongi reached up grabbing the younger’s backpack from his shoulder placing it on his own. He didn’t know how he was supposed to act towards a man who liked him so he just thought it best to do what he would do for a woman and see if it was right. Jung kook seemed a little embarrassed by the action so he took it as the other liked the gesture.

They both walked in silence but it wasn’t as awkward as he had thought it might have been. Jung kook was still his friend after all so it didn’t really change to much. He decided to do what they normally would when they would walk together. Gently he bumped his arm against Kookie pushing him a little granting him a smile from the younger. Kookie bumped him back chuckling a little as he did. Ah this wasn’t so bad he thought to himself.

“There’s that little faggot.” A voice up ahead broke him out of his happy thoughts anger quickly building up in their place.

“Oh look I think he’s with his boyfriend too. Don’t you think he’s to old for you?”

“What you jealous because he didn’t pick you as his lover? You mad because you can’t have this cute little ass like I can?” He pulled a thoroughly startled Kookie close to him. He wasn’t sure why he was saying things like that but he just couldn’t stand the way the boys were treating his friend just because he liked him. Putting one hand on Jung kook’s chin he lifted it so he would look at him as he leaned in close before cutting his eyes to the leader of the boys.

“You upset cause you want to kiss him. I can see it in your eyes your jealously and fear of yourself. Afraid to admit it because you know your boys would turn on you in a heartbeat if they knew you were a faggot just like us.”

“Y-you’re nothing but a liar. There is no way I’m like you guys. Do you have any idea how many girls I’ve been with? My boys can tell you how many they have seen me pull.”

“It don’t matter how many pussies you put your dick in if you keep imagining a boy instead of the girl you are in.”

“Fuck you! I ain’t got time for your mouthy ass anyway. Come on boys.” With that the boys walked past them back towards the school.

“Uh sorry about all that. They just pissed me off so much.” Yoongi let go of Jung kook but the other didn’t step away from him instead he just smiled.

“It’s okay it was fun pretending even if that will be the only time I get to feel your arms around me like that.” Kookie took a step back and started walking towards the house. Yoongi finally realized just how serious this was to the boy. A little piece of his heart broke hearing such sad words from his beautiful smiling face.

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