[2015] My Top 15 MALE K-Pop Songs pt. 1



Lmao I love INFINITE to death but is it bad that I only remember Sunggyu running and the "bad bad bad bet a bad girl" part? lol still INFINITE JJANG!!!

14) BEAST - YeY

Oh my goodness, my fangirl mode for GIKWANG!!! His freaken short ripping!!! What the heck! My hearteu couldn't take it lol

13) DAY6 - Congratulations

This song is so sarcastic yet sad. Poor baby!!! I'm the typa girl who jumps from kpop to k-hip-hop to K-rock to K-r&b. This was totally kpop mixed with rock and r&b.

12) BIGSTAR - Moonlight Sonota

My hearteu!!! They finally came back to have a Korean comeback after 2 years spent in Japan! My boys!!! And can we just talk about Baram's freaken man-bun for a sec. Omg, I couldn't even tell it was Baram! He so dah sexy (even though he's not my bias lol)

11) LU:KUS - Beautiful

I totally fell in love with this song! Freaken LU:KUS! I was so sad that they didn't have an mv for this song! it was so good! And their live killed it!

10) HISTORY - Might Just Die

Nope, the title is so wrong! So so wrong. I did died! I died and kept being revive to watch it again and again lol. Them freaken abs though! ASDFGHJKL!!!! my favorite part is right after the dance break (the bridge) and into the rap! "My life, no life. Without you is no life."

9) 2PM - My House

My house!!! 2PM can take me to their house any time of the day! Whether it be night or day, spring, winter, fall or summer lol. Ugh! Why they gotta be so handsome!

8) SHINee - View

SHINee is in THAILAND! Omg and Minho's arms were killing it! And the dance!!! No words are needed! My second bias group blew me away!

7) VIXX - Chained Up

I literally had goosebumps while watching this mv! And trust me when I say that doesn't happen often. The tux, the collars, the scenes! That was just too much! VIXX why you do this to me.

6) GOT7 - If You Do

My baby Junior cried. He cried I tell you! My poor baby! But the dance was sick! Them footworks! And the emotions they portrayed was 대박!!! Lol and lets not forget Mark's sassy rapping part.

5) DEAN (feat ZICO) - Pour Up

I'm Not Sorry

4) BTS - I Need U

This mv made me cry. I hate it to the point that I love it lol. What I first watched this mv I was half watch half not. I didn't really pay attention until Kookie got hit! I was like "wtf! Why did you hit our baby!! He's only 19!" But I watched this mv a million times already it feels like! I was up watching and rewatching the mv nonstop for a good 9 hours. Oh the good times. (mv above is the 19+ original version)

3) INFINITE H - As Long As You're Not Crazy

I want more of INFINITE H please! Especially if they do this kind of music! R&B! This is totally my style. Now I just need a Woohyun solo! or a ToHeart comeback and I can die happy lol

2) BIGBANG - If You

TOP sang! TOP SANG!!!! My baby bias here sang! I love this song most outta all their songs in the MADE series Album. BIGBANG's vocal and production and quality of the music does not disappoint!

Before I go onto #1 I just wanted to point out some other songs that I like and love but didn't make it on the list(please click the link to view the music/lyrical/live video):

Yes I know it's a lot.... Sorry!!!! Also, they were put down randomly sorry if you're watching some of the same bands over and over.

DOAMirrorEurekaJokeAM 4:44Yah, NuhHeroQ&ALight SaberRunDevilYoung, Wild & FreeMarried To The MusicJust Tell MeLonelyYou KnowCall Me BabySo, DangerousWetDopeCrazy (Guilty Pleasure)Sing For YouZero For ConductTrespassOasisNailBeautiful LiarEOEOWay Back HomeHouse of CardsAdore UCatch MePLAYGROUNDBounceShadowI'm BadDay by DayDeja BooMagictoo very So MUCHBetween Night n MusicSniperIt's OkaySweet GirlMansaeBANG BANG BANG

I didn't add any iKON or WINNER in the list because I haven't listen to them yet. So sorry iKonics and Winner fans! I still love you though.

1) JONGHYUN (SHINee) - Hallelujah

Jonghyun lowkey made me prego lol. How can a man be so sexy!!! And the freaken background dancer, hes either a) the choreographer or b) a very exaggerated dancer lol The only thing I don't like is that he got so thin. He went on a diet. Oppa was perfect before. But if that's what makes him happy then ok.

This is completely my opinion. I had a very hard time tryna choose who I wanted in the top 15 lol. There was just too many great songs out there this year. Thank you for stopping by and part 2 will be linked later when I finally make the card and upload it. Thank you again. And if you guys can... can yalls tag other people too? I wanna see what your top 15 kpop songs (male or female or both) would be like. Please tag me to see them too! ^//^ Aslo, please add it to my collection of Top 15 Kpop Songs.

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