Ala kachuu

As I promised I am going to tell you about Ala kachuu (Ала-Качуу),which translated as "grab and run". Women get kidnapped by the men, who will become their husbands. But this practice became illegal since 1994. Typically, a man ,who likes a woman (no better is this woman feel the same to him or not)call his friends to help to him to kidnape a woman in order to get merried with he. They chase a woman on the street and get her into the car and take straight to the man's house,where the family of a man are making preparations for the wedding. When woman inside the kidnapper’s home, female elders (men's relatives) try to cover the girl’s head with a white scarf(if you will allow them to cover your head with it,it will mean that you will get married with your kidnapper) . This process can continue hours and usually woman give up and get covered by white scarf. At night woman and her kidnaper will have a first night. Thats's why usually kyrgyz woman can't go back to home,because she will be ashamed. And once woman lose her virginity it will be hard to her to get merried with another men. And it usually end up very bad. Many girls after that take their own life or this kind of families get divorced often. But there are some situations when girl and guy are arrange for it together. It happened with one of my relatives. She was a high school student and fall in love with a guy, who was more older than her. So they wanted to get merrier as soon as possible. But girl was studying and her parents could disagree on their marriage. That's why guy kidnapped her and they got married. And after a few months they got divorced.

Hi! I am a student from Kyrgyzstan. My major is linguistics. I am learning English, Japanese, Korean. I speak Kyrgyz and Russian fluently. 😊😊😊
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