Wishing Death on Jungkook?!?!?!?

Okay I'm sure that by now you must all know that some Exo-L's are being so immature and stupid with wishing death on our precious golden maknae, Jungkook. First of all, out of all the reasons that they could have used this HAS to be the stupidest. Like seriously? I hate how people are so stupid, it just seems like they're trying to start something for no reason at all. Secound of all, I am an Exo-L and I hate the fact that most people are hating on the whole fandom. I understand that you don't have a specific person to blame for starting this but think about the rest of the fandom. It makes the rest of us Exo-L's feel bad when we get hate even though we are all not the same, not all of us are creepy pervs, not all of us stalk exo, and not all of us wish death on Jungkook.

Look at this cute face, how could you hate him?????

Miss me with that Koreaboo shit Hoseok tho 💦 Insta- litzyyztil
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