5 of the Day! *some spoilers*

Day 6- 5 friend(ships) here we go!

Here are two badasses! Gon and Killua, both extremely powerful in their own right, and willing to do anything for one another!

From Tokyo Ghoul we have Kanike and Hide! This made the list because of all the effort and loyalty Hide put towards Kanike without him even knowing! Working for the CCG just so he can know about his friend! His death was so sad!

And of course here we have Natsu and Happy! I'm sure no one needs an exploration as to why they are on here! Aye sir!!

And the friendship to start them all! The friendship of our entire childhood, Goku and Krillin!!! From DB to DBZ all the way to DBGT and Super. Krillin and Goku will always be friends...even in the afterworld!

Last but not least Lelouch and Suzaku! Childhood friends who end up trying to kill one another only to realize they are after the same goal. But that goal puts the burden of willingly killing your best friend in front of the entire world (they both agreed it had to happen) on Suzaku shoulders! Such a heart wrenching scene!

Put your thoughts in the comments! Let me know what you think! Thanks again for wasting some time reading this! lol Enjoy!

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