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So my bestie just told me that bap, vixx, got7, and ikon had a dance stage together during gayo daejun so I obviously had to watch it because I love all of those groups. I have to say that I'm pretty salty because of the crappy camerawork. I love byg and he's definitely an angel but I wanted to see the dancing, not the dj, audience, or even the descending angel bang yong guk. Vixx killed it. Ravi isn't even the main dancer (at least not to my knowledge) but he freaking slayed. Got7 definitely got the best stage, lighting, and camerawork and they definitely did not disappoint. That hotline bling remix had me feeling some type of way. I liked how their dance was slower and more sensual? idk it was just really great. My ikon babies went HARD. The camerawork for the official video didn't do their dance justice. It's been quite some time since I've seen them dance like that (since m&m). Also, can I just say that zelo killed it at the end?

I found a fancam (that's honestly better than the official video) of got7 and ikon. I tried to find a fancam of bap and vixx but I haven't seen any so far.

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