Legalization of Gay Marriage Impacted Me The Most In 2015 {Challenge}


I can't help but focus on what I consider the most amazing moment of 2015.

I was sitting at work, June 26, 2015, when the news blasted over all social media forums.

Gay Marriage has finally been made legal in all 50 states.

It was 9:45 AM when I heard about it, and I burst into tears. Even now when I think about this moment I get emotional.

This means my best friends can get married.This means that finally, we are making strides to become a more tolerant, more loving country.

Because we grow up being told that love is the greatest thing one can ever find.

Love in family, love in children, and love in a soul mate that completes you better then anyone see can.

And on June 26th 2015, my best friends are now allowed to love whoever the fuck they want, in any state they want.

And I just love that.

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