Far Cry Primal Might Be the Most Violent Game of 2016

After playing Far Cry 3, I figured I should give the series a rest for a while because, well, they're kind of all the same. Until I heard about Far Cry Primal -- which is due out sometime next year [which is soon lolololol] -- my interest piqued. There's something interesting about the way the game will work without the use of any of today's technology.

It'll be really interesting if the game ends up being hard as heck because we can't rely on using sniper rifles when we're too afraid to approach an encounter head on. All that said, though, I think the most interesting thing about the game is how intense, dark, and violent it's going to be. The ESRB recently released their rating summary which you can read below.

Here are some of my favorite (and some of the gnarliest) sentences from the summary:

-- One cutscene depicts a character being held in a fire while screaming.

-- [...] another depicts Takkar [the main character] tapping a hole in another character's skull ass the man screams.

-- Some scenes depict corpses in various states of mutilation: heads and torsos on spikes; ears cut off and kept as trophies; headless bodies lying in pools of blood. [!!!]

Geez Louise! By the Rating Summary alone, it looks like this'll be one of the grossest, most violent games to come out next year. I don't know if this is necessarily a good or bad thing. It's pretty interesting the way violence is still the focal point of gaming. But I think it's all out of context right now. There's a lot that goes into the presentation of violence that makes feel either necessary for storytelling or just there as shock value [and that doesn't really add anything the games culture].

Far Cry Primal will be in stores on February 23, 2016

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