Thank you Family

So today I was truly touched by so many Thanks from everyone on here. I figured making a card and tagging you all, would be easier for me; rather than going behind after every comment tag.


To my Beautiful Vingle Family, I probably have just realized that I don't say this enough, for that I'm truly sorry.

Thank you & I love you!!

Each and everyone of you are truly amazing; inside and out. 2015 has been one of the most hectic years of my life, but at the same time the greatest. Group Hugs all around!!


Vingle to me is a Safe haven. If ever I'm feeling down, all I have to do is open the app, knowing you all are in my phone. There are many of us that share biases, groups, love for groups etc. I'm pretty sure we all know who'd we each fight in a boxing match for- or atleast have an idea on whom. I love Vingle cause we are able to be who we truly are, without fear of judgement followed behind. We can all die together when comebacks happen, hold fun games and most importantly, spend time together. One thing that comes with this family, is knowing we all have one another to count on for laughs when we want to pull our hair out; or help throat punch that one person who steps over the line.

Let's be real, Someone can say I look like the swamp thing all day, everyday... that I don't mind. If they bring my husband Seyoung into the conversation trying to taint my Angel's name, well then I need someone to hold my earrings and glasses... Who will volunteer?

Let's all look forward to more awesome Cards, Comebacks, Hugs, tears and more in 2016 With each other. Thank you all!!


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