Lovely Nabi : PT 21

Tonight was another odd night of her having to cover for someone else and closing. He was there to pick her up so she wouldn’t have to walk home alone in the dark. Nabi had originally text V told him about it but he convinced the younger boy that he would go and walk her home. He had a blanket in one hand because it had gotten really cold again. He just watched the breath make puffs of smoke in front of him wondering about many things. The bell of the door jarred him from his thoughts and he looked up to see her as she turned off the lights lowering his head so his smile could be hidden by the scarf.

“So how bad did you have to twist his arm to let you come get me. Not that I mind but you know how he can be.”

“It wasn’t to hard I just had to give him the puppy dog eyes. I think he agreed more to get me out of his face than anything.” He stepped closer to her draping the blanket over her shoulder and she gladly pulled it around her. She had a coat and scarf on but the biting wind could cut through the thickest jacket it seemed.

“Ever since Jung kook moved in with me it seems V is over a lot. He claims it’s for studying but they don’t even have the same classes. Not seeing his face right now is actually nice. Don’t get me wrong I like him but the boy doesn’t know how to use the gate.” He laughed at her rambling and put his arm around her shoulder pulling her closer using the cold as an excuse.

“The younger ones are rambunctious and rebellious I can see how you could get aggravated with them seeing as how you’re kinda like a mother to them. Jung kook in his situation and V having lost his mother years ago.”

“Wait V doesn’t have a mother? I never knew he didn’t tell me she passed away.”

“It’s not really something he likes talking about. He used to be all happy and cute like Kookie but since she died…. Well you see how he is.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t be to hard on him them and let him walk me home more even if it’s during the day.”

“It really would make him happy to be able to protect him. I can’t say much but he was there when she passed away. Since he sees you as his mother he probably doesn’t want to see that happen again.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. Maybe on his own he will tell me.” They stopped in front of the gate and she took the blanket off her shoulders handing it back to him.

“Thanks for the extra warmth it really helped.” He draped the blanket over his shoulder and leaned in to her. She instinctively stepped back pressing up against the gate.

“I won’t hurt you but I want you to keep something in mind. I know you like him and I know you want Kookie to have a chance too. We all kinda know now since he got kicked out of his family’s house. On the off chance that Yoongi does pick him just know that I’ll be here to catch you. I’ll wait for you.” He leaned in again this time his lips barely brushing against hers but he was stopped by someone clearing their throat. He looked over at the screen of the intercom system to see V and Jung kook giving him beady eyes through the video screen.

“Hoseok I let you pick her up. If I knew you were going to trying anything funny, I wouldn’t have let you go.” He chuckled at V’s words leaning in to give Nabi a quick kiss hearing yelling and running.

“I better go before they get out here and kill me. Just remember what I said.”

But Nabi that isn't a picture of one of the boys. Yea I know it was to keep you guessing who was walking her home.

Did anyone think I forgot about Hobi? Did you forget about Hobi?

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