The Interview Chapter 2

Jongin leaned in, his lips lightly touching Kyungsoo's. "Come one guys!" Sehun said from a distance. He couldnt see what they were doing but he was told to get them. Jongin let out a sigh and walked toward the rest of the boys. Kyungsoo was still flattered by Jongins move. Jongin stops and lets Kyungsoo catch, once he does, he whispers something in Kyungsoo ear that make his eyes grow wide and light pink cover his face. "Yah! Where were you too?!" Suho says with furrowed eyebrows and a bit of a concerned look. "We were just talking about the show and how it went." Jongin said standing a few inches infront of Kyungsoo ~It grew dark and grey clouds were filling the sky~ "No practice today" Suho said letting out a sigh of relief. Kyungsoo was in his room watching T.V. There was a knock on the door that made him jump alittle. "Come in!" He said so the person on the other side of the door could hear him. The door opened and Sehun walked in closing the door behind him. "What were you and Jongin doing?!" He said with a bit of an attitude. "W-we were just talking." Kyungsoo said calmly. "Dont lie to me!" Sehun said furrowing his eyebrows. Kyungsoo was shocked about why his hyung was acting this way. "I am not lying!" Kyungsoo said rasing his voice and gripping onto his bed sheets calming himself down. Knowing if he hurt another member he would be kicked out of EXO. Sehun glared at him "I know your secret Kyungsoo! I know you like Jongin!" Sehun snapped. "NO I DONT!" Kyungsoo said anger running threw his body. Sehun smiled and left walking past Jongin who heard everything. Kyungsoo punched his pillow and clenched his teeth. Jongin walked in and didnt give one glance to Kyungsoo. ~The rain started to pour down and Kyungsoo couldnt help but keep glancing at Jongin~ "Jongin Hyung..Talk to me~" Kyungsoo said sitting beside Jongin who was ignoring him. "I didnt mean it Jongin! He wouldnt leave me only!" Jongin looked over at Kyungsoo. "Is that true?" Jongin said. Kyungsoo sighed and nodded a yes before locking his lips with Jongin's. Jongin was shocked and pushed Kyungsoo away. "W-what are you doing?!" Jongin looked at him shocked but a tent of red covered his face. "Showing you that I didnt mean it." Kyungsoo said looking at Jongin's eyes then his lips. ~~The boys finally were sound asleep expect from Jongin and Kyungsoo~~


(sorry had to put some pics in there) Kyungsoo lied by Jongin and buried his face into Jongins neck. Jongin blushed turn so their faces werent far from eachother. -Coughs- LOVE SCENE COMING UP SOON -coughs- I recommend listen to the song "Wet" by JooYoung ) Kyungsoo stared at Jongin. Eyes then his lips. Jongin puts his hand around Kyungsoo's waist pulling him closer. Kyungsoo licked his lips before connecting their lips. Jongin pulled Kyungsoo onto him starting to unq button his shirt. Kyungsoo stops the kiss gasping for air before going for another. Jongin finally got Kyungsoo's shirt off and threw it on the floor and flipped over so he was on top now. Kyungsoo wondered where he learned these moves from but slowly forgot about it once he heard his pants being taken off. He looks at Jongin and pulled him into another kiss. Jongin could feel Kyungsoo's hard member agasint his leg. Kyungsoo got Jongins shirt and pants off and grabbed a bottle of something that was hiding in the night stand. Jongin watched as he rubbed the liquid on his fingers and putting them inside his hyung causing a moan to escape Jongins mouth. Kyungsoo bit his back leaving marks showing Jongin was his. Slowly putting his member inside his hyung. Jongin let out a loud moan along with Kyungsoo who was moving in and out. Luckily, the members were in a deep sleep and couldnt hear the sounds escaping Kyungsoo and Jongin's mouth. Kyungsoo slowly pulled out, feeling the warm liquid run down his leg. Jongin catched it with his hand befored it landed on the black sheets. He licked his hand moaning at the salty taste. They laid by eachother and cuddle. "I told I didnt mean it." Kyungsoo said leaving one last mark on Jongin's shoulder. ~~Morning came and Kyungsoo and Jongin were awake first like always~~ They made breakfast and waited for the members to get up. Jongin sat down at the dinner table and winced at the pain. Kyungsoo saw and kissed his cheek. Knowing it was from last night. He placed a hand on Jongins leg and squeezed it softly. Making Jongin smile. "Morning!" They boys said walking into the kitchen. Kyungsoo pulled his hand away from Jongins leg. The group looked at Kyungsoo and Jongin who were staring at eachother with a smirk. "YAH!! Answer us!" Chanyeol said from across the table. He repeated the question. "Why are you staring at eachother like that? and what were those nosies coming from your room?" Chanyeol said the last question once the other boys went to go get ready. Kyungsoo looked at Jongin... They thought all the members were asleep. They looked at him and opened their mouth about to say sonething when..

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