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Holy Crap! I have just heard BTS' Rap Monster and Jungkook cover Youtuber Troye Sivan's song 'Fools.' HOLY SHITAKE MUSHROOMS! I am so impressed with it! Jungkook's pronunciation of the English language has improved so much that he honestly sounds like a native English speaker. Rap Monster on the other hand... We all know he can speak amazing English but what I didn't know is that damn that boy can sing!! We should name him Singing Rap Monster! Dayum!! These two boys honestly killed it!!!! I love it when Bangtan cover songs in English and actually cover the song in English even though English is not their first language. Just wow!

On another note. I was on Facebook yesterday and a page called KMusic posted a video. what was the video of you say? Well we all know there are tons of theories going round about the story behind BTS' I Need U, Prologue and Run. Now this video gave a theory in so much detail that it was so accurate! This theory may be the real one! I was close to tears watching it! The video basically runs through the different scenes in 'I Need U,' 'Prologue' and 'Run' and points out the scenes where the theory had come from. You guys can watch the video above and see what you think. Does the theory really seem true? or do you think it's just another theory added into the equation?

Hey guys!! I'm an avid kpopper. My ultimate bias groups are Topp Dogg and Exo. My ultimate bias is Chanyeol of Exo!
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