5 Ways 2015 Showed HUGE Progress

I know, we've all been thinking it, 2015 had a lot of serious issues. Terror attacks, the growth of Isis, the eruption of fear stemming towards racism, and so much more. And while it is easy to define a year by the negatives aka the increase in police brutality and the number of school shootings outweighing the number of days in a year, here are 5 AMAZING ways 2015 showed signs of progress. Fingers crossed 2016 shows even more!

1. More men are coming out as feminists! In a world where over half of our population is still fighting for equality, men such as Matt McGorry (How To Get Away With Murder and Orange Is The New Black) calling himself a proud feminist is opening the doors for the much needed conversation that feminism isn't man hating; it is open to everyone.

2. The U.S. Military has opened all combat roles to women. President Obama has finally open ALL combat roles to women beginning in 2016. This means roles such as the Seals are no longer male only. Our women are willing to die for this country, I am so greatful that they now are getting the respect they deserve. Combat is no longer "a mans game" and women will make our military even stronger.

3. We have the highest High School graduation rate in history! 82% of high school students are graduating!! Along with this ever increasing high school graduation rate, the gap between white students and POC and children with disabilities graduating is also closing. Education really is our greatest hope for a promising future and it looks like we are actually doing something right.

4. Tech companies are starting to give a crap about paid maternity leave. We are the only developed country IN THE WORLD that doesn't have mandatory paid maternity. Hell, some countries even have paid paternity leave! But finally (after only a million years of child birth) tech company's like Netflix are offering up to a year of paid maternity leave.

5. Church's are getting behind, and celebrating gay marriage!! Since the fantastic ruling in favor of gay marriage love really has won. Now even some churches across the US including the Presbyterian and the Episcopal churches are marrying gay couples in the eyes of the lord! This is actually a huge deal because many gay couples do have faith and it's inspiring to see Churches actually practicing what they preach, aka acceptance and love.

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