Going away

Sometimes life has a way letting you know its time to go, leave and never look back. I've woke up and decided to leave. My parents just never cared about me, all they seemed to care about was looking like model parents. Sure they put me in a private school but they voided out of my life. Never helped me with my homework or went on any field trips! I was on my own from the beginning with no one. My mom had depression since I was six, my dad retired military, now working for the military. Everyday I came home asked my parents for help with my homework or little life problems with that they told me to go away and that they need time to relax. When did relaxing become so much more important than helping your kids with their homework! I give a f*** if you work 8 hours a day! Later on my heart was broken when I found the reason behind my miserable life, it was because I didn't want to be an engineer but my little brother did. He has always got the special treatment. He got car, headphones, new clothes and so much more. I'm now 20 I want out and as far away from the family that hates me so much. I'm going to change my name and disappear and never come back. I love Alaska with all my heart but if i continue living here I will be hurting what is left of my heart.

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