My K-Pop Top 5's for 2015


2015 was a good year for K-pop, especially for me because I found 3 new groups to listen to as well as solo work from those members! I found BTS, Nu'est, and Beast! So to close the year I put together a list of top 5 dances, albums, and songs! Plus I will add a resolution for this year! The idea came from@katiems New Years Challenge!

Top 5 Dances

1: Ma First by Hyunseung

This was amazing and made me fall in love with him! He is one of my biases and he is such a great singer and his dance moves are so creative!

2: Dope by BTS

BTS came a long way and blew a lot of minds with this choreography. It was amazing, fast paced, and fit the song perfectly.

3: Concept Trailer BTS

This may not be a song but it was hard core as fuck! The song choices were awesome and I can't believe they pulled Rollin' by Limp Bizkit out of absolutely nowhere!

4: Yey by Beast

It was pretty basic in comparison to other dances on my list but I still think it matched the song really well. I liked it a lot and elaborate doesn't always make things better, ya know?

5: War of Hormone Real War Version by BTS

Okay, so I know this is not from 2015...technically. HOWEVER, from what I've seen, it wasn't put out until 2015. So, yeah, lawyered. I loved it and it made me laugh so it's on here!

Top 5 Songs

1: Joke by Rap Monster

This song right here is a song that seriously got stuck in my head all the time! The video is sort of simplistic but makes such an impression on you. Loved it hands down.

2: Break Up With Him by Hyunseung

I couldn't find one lyric video so here it is live, along with Ma First live too. I loved this song, he had so much emotion in his voice and I loved to sing along with it, well, try to anyway lol

3: We Like 2 Party by BigBang

This song was so feel good that it just reminded me of summer on the beach. It seemed like such a mellow party song that just makes you feel like you want to have some good times with your friends! Totally one of my summer of 2015 anthems!

4: Be Happy by B.A.P

This song makes me happy haha! I love Daehyun's voice in it so much! I dance along with it everytime it comes on and it gives me such a warm fluffy feeling!

5: No Title by Zelo

Honestly I was so surprised by his lyricism and how deep the song was. It sounded so honest and mature for the BAP maknae. It was definitely one of my favorites for 2015.

Top 5 Albums

1: MADE by BigBang

I am a VIP first after all, this album was something I'd definitely been waiting for and it was worth the wait especially since we got 7 videos! This managed to satisfy my hunger for BigBang music pretty well.

2: My by Hyunseung

This mini album was on repeat for like a month. I seriously was in love with it and every song had a different style and just showcased his abilities really well.

3: Rap Monster's Mixtape

This was so awesome. He had some old school sound to some of his songs. Others he went so hard on but they all sounded so original and gave a large variety of styles.

4: The Most Beautiful Moments In Life pt.2 by BTS

This really was beautiful. My favorite 3 songs off it were probably Ma City, Crow Tit, and RUN. It was such a great album with a song for every mood.

5: Matrix by B.A.P

The long awaited album I wanted so badly! I had seriously been itching for some new songs from them and was so happy when this was finally released! It was nice to hear them go so raw with Young, Wild, and Free and the Monologue. I loved it a lot.

My resolution is to learn to sing better and improve my dancing. I'm going to be taking singing lessons and joined my college's choir so I already know I'll stick to it! This list took forever to make! It was so hard to narrow these down! Sorta last minute but make some lists people! I think it's a great way to share different songs people may not know! Happy New Year! If you make one, tag me in it!

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