Nervous Tongue part 10

Summary: You had always heard of women finding out unexpectedly that their boyfriend was cheating. But how many could say they sat there and watched the attraction unfold?

It took three months for what you had predicted to come to pass. For Eunsae to leave Jimin like he left you. That’s also how long it took for Jungkook to have you wrapped around his little finger. He knew it. You knew it and Jimin knew it. However, Jungkook had made it clear that he only wanted to be friends with you. Bashfully, he admitted that he enjoyed the way you made him feel, but wasn’t as adamant about being your boyfriend as he was being your friend. You’d never forget the look on his face when you admitted that you didn’t want him as your boyfriend either. The poor maknae was a blushing, stuttering mess,”I-I thought…since the way we acted together, that you’d…thought of us together,” he had quietly explained, patting his red face,”Ah, I must look so stupid. Y/N, please forget this ever happened, okay. You can’t tell anyone, especially my hyungs.”

You had tapped a finger against your chin, subtly inching your way off the couch,”I’ll only tell Hobi oppa.” You had quipped, dashing from the room to Jhope’s room. Jungkook’s cry of ‘No!’ followed by his thudding footstep followed soon after. Bursting through Jhope’s shared room with V and Jimin, you startled the older boy. His head snapped up as his phone fell from his hands. You scrambled up onto his bed just as Jungkook approached; he slipped on his socks, sliding right past the door. Jhope laughed loudly, pointing at his doorway and looking at you,”Did you see that!? He went right by the door!” Still red in the face, Jungkook slowly entered the room pointedly ignoring Jhope’s commentary. He inched to the bed, motioning for you to come to him. You shook your head, tucking yourself closer to Jhope. Hobi raised a brow, “What are you guys doing?” Smiling at him, you shrugged,”I just wanted to see you, Hobi oppa. I don’t know why Jungkook is here.” The maknae rolled his eyes, holding his arms out to you, “Y/N.. You know why I’m here.” he muttered. Jhope playfully pushed Jungkook’s outstretched arms away, “Ah, Jungkookie~ Leave Y/N and I alone!” He grinned, suddenly reaching out and pulling his younger brother onto the bed as well. Rolling his eyes, Jhope watched as Jungkook straightened up, squishing his way in between Y/N and him to sit down. As he was jostled by the boy, Jhope whined loudly, lightly hitting Jungkook’s broad shoulder. Jungkook only smiled softly, wriggling in his spot for emphasis.

“This is really comfortable, hyung.” “Comfortable!? You’re taking up the whole bed. Look! I’m on the floor and poor Y/N is half way through the wall!” The three of you laughed loudly, Jhope’s the loudest. Soft footsteps entered the room. Jimin glanced at the three of you all huddled together on Jhope’s bed, but didn’t comment. He headed over to his dresser, opening a drawer and digging around through it. Grabbing a shirt, he silently left.

Credit to suga-of-daegu @DestinaByrd@VeronicaArtino@torchix@TaehyungKey@sarahdarwish@MalihaAhmed@MinDeji@clstap1@MsLoyalHeart@OliviaZenger@AshleyAndino@jjrockstar@Sharong@musicfomo@taisiakaps90@KaylinJones@SunnaWalo@Valerie816@alltimerejectx@chinabarrier16@Krin@LenaBlackRose@FalseLove@aishwaryashrest@KarlythePanda@GDsGF@SamanthaRamdath@jojojordy2324@Eliortiz13@jessicacheung97@CrystalGuerra@BrookeBitzan@VIPFreak2NE1@KaeliShearer@SusiBosshammer@megancurrent9@KpopQueenaBee@Kpossible4250@frisky199123@ParkMeiFan@BAbrajan1@KaitlynHewitt@Mahealani@ladygdragon@KierstinAndrew@CassierChiqua@DanaMichelle

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