Club Monaco's Blouse - Modern & Classic

I like Club Monaco's blouses because they are classic and modern. Also, cute as well. Its blouses make women appear as a classic ladies. 1. Wendy Shirt -Subtle details like a luxe silk construction and a hand crafted beaded collar give the Wendi shirt a delicate feel. 2. Topaz Silk Printed Shirt - I received this blouse for my birthday gift last year! This shirt has simple pattern but its quality that comes from its material and its colour makes this item very unique. When I wear this shirt, I feel like I am a more classic woman. Since its made out of silk, it feels really soft and comfortable. On the side note, Last december in 2012, the member of SNSD(Suyoung) wore this item on media. 3. Jane Peplum Top - This item has two different colours and it is very cute~! Both colours look bright and lovely. Therefore, this product is the one I recommend due to its design and its colour. 4. Keeley Embellished Shirt 5. Cameron Shirt

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