Golden air:episode 4 this is a warning.

A/n nan wae mulasuka BB in my head if you~ the next morning

summi p.o.v

Good mor- *click* "hmmm" I wake up to the sounds of my alarm waking me up "I need to change that" I thought I get up and started walking out of my room to go to the kitchen. I got to the kitchen hoping to get some water I get a cup and water from the fridge trying to recuperate from last night "oh by the way watch your back" that voice that ecos through my head "what did he mean by that" I thought deeply. "ahem" I heard a voice call I woke up from deep thought and turned around to find 5 tall boys staring at me. "you seem to be comfortable drinking water from my cup" one boy said I look down at the cup to see a name written on it "J..Jungkook?" I said out loud sounds of clapping came from the boy as he said. "oh look guys she can read" he said mocking my morning intelligence. "stop it jungkook" a boy with blond blueish hair said to him "yeah don't hassle the new worker" the other one said "당신은 잘 잤어" jin asked me with a warm loving voice "네 I slept well" I said with a smile "well if the love fest is over I'm leaving" the one named Jungkook said walking out the door. "summi don't mind him he's just angry" jin assured me "yeah he just needs he's milk i'm rapmon by the way you can call me namjoon" he walked up to me and said "oh hi I'm summi" I said back with my smile "well I'm off and remember what I told you yesterday" he looked me in my eyes like he was trying to tell me something the contact broke of when jin said "um summi let's go for the room tour" as he pulled me away "what's with him" I thought as I got pushed to the other boy that was their. "summi. this is my brother suga.he shall show you around today" jin said I looked away from Jin to see a blond blueish green hair boy with dark brown eyes milky white skin and a smile that looks like a angel.

wearing a brown boots with a Nice black jeans a tight jacket with a Beanie his 5'9 exterior looked beautiful. "안녕하세요 I'm suga nice too meet you" he said with a angel like smile. "o..oh... 안녕하세요" crap why am I flusterd I hope he doesn't notice. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

??? p.o.v

she's beautiful she reminds me of someone... someone I can't remember the way she moves the way she speaks so loving so warm who is this girl? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- end "anyway I'll leave you to the tour" jin said walking leaving us by ourselves, as we start to walk with the awkwardness setting in as we walked silence kicked as the sounds of foot steps eco through the halls. "so how old are you summi?" sugar asks trying to make conversation. "um...20살" I responded "아~ 20살.. I'm 22살" he responded grabbing the nape of his neck "ah ok" why must he do that he's so cute no summi he's your boss.. worker and boss relationships don't work. " this is the pool" he says pointing towards the outside realm

"woah" I said marveling at the outside paradise. "yeah you can come here anytime... well when your done cleaning of course" he chuckled

we keep walking moving on with the next place when he took me back to the house to show The rooms. "this is namjoons room" he announced the beautiful decorated room with high class fabric chairs and tables with a peaceful vibe to it made me wonder how good it would be to be rich. "um where's namjoon" I asked suga "namjoon? he's probably outside why? didn't fall in love with him did you" he said giving me a creep face look. "아니요! I was just wondering" I said blushing of embarrassment "알아서" he said laughing as he brought me to the next room.

"this is jin's room" he said "ahh it's cute and sweet like him" I replied "yeah..." he trailed off "what's with him" I thought

"this is jungkook's room" he said "wow it's wow" I said with no words " yeah since he's the youngest he gets the bigger room" he explained to me "why shouldn't the oldest get it" I asked him "my father has favorites and when jungkook started to live with us he gave him love more than us" he replied "when he started to live with you? aren't you brothers?" I asked the question. "not by blood we all have different mother's " he said walking to the next room. I run to catch up to him ready to ask more questions until I heard a sound of something falling. *boom* *thud* scared by the noise I walk closer to suga grabbing onto his jacket.. "don't worry about the noise it's just wind" he said "dont sound like wind" I said "trust me" he assured me as we pass by the room.

"this is my brother j-hope's room you don't have to clean it since he hadn't been here" he explained "ah yeah what happened to him" I ask as we walked to the next room "m..mental problems" he said hesitant something seemed off at that response but I shrugged it off thinking it was a bad subject.

"this is taehyung's room" he told me "wow it fits him" I chuckled "yeah" he said laughing along

"and this is my room I clean it myself so you don't haft to" he said as he sat down on his bed "ah ok well thank you for the tour" I said as I started walking out. "no problem and hey by the way" he said I stopped to look at him as he started to walk up to me he came close inches from my face and said "that room you saw don't ever go there ever" he looked dead in my eyes and said "that's an order" "yes sir" I said leaving out the door as fast as I could I shut the door behind me and started walking to my room until I hit something like a brick wall again I looked up to see a half shirtless wet boy in a towel I quickly got up and started to run until I felt something grip my wrist and pinned me near the wall. "do you?" he trailed off I swallow my spit nervous of what he'll do next i calmed myself and I said "jungkook what do you want" he looked at me shocked and surprise giving me a smirk and said "oh no shouldn't that be 회장? or master" he said trailing his hands down my face " ahem 아..아니요" it should be get off me child " I said pushing him away and started walking to my room "I'm not a child you know and be careful cause I might show you" he yelled as I keep walking "who does he think he is first sugar now him what's with these people " i thought

jungkook's p.o.v

she's soft like a warm blanket that o remember as a child. "no it should be get off me child" she said as she pushed me away "no don't go" I said in my head "I want to hug you" I kept thinking "I'm not a child for long" I yelled at her stupid she's not gonna believe you acting like that why must you be this way


안녕 I'm done thank the gods

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