Don't Starve in Rise of the Tomb Raider's New Endurance Mode


It must make the game a little more interesting. It's like the game adds some elements from Minecraft and Don't Starve into the gameplay which makes a game about hunting tombs a little more thought out.

I haven't played the game because of that Xbox exclusive doo-doo but I'm sure whenever it comes out on PS4, I'll try it out and have a full write-up about it. As a fan of Fallout: New Vegas's Hardcore Mode, I think I'll quickly get wrapped up in this Endurance mode.

Ugh, all this talk about the game makes me want to play it a lot more but I will not buy an Xbox for it. That seems like a huge mistake since I love my PS4 so much also they're expensive. DO YOU KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE VIDEO GAMES ARE NOW, DAD? I CAN'T AFFORD TO KEEP BUYING THEM ESPECIALLY SINCE I JUST LIFT BOXES FOR A LIVING GODDAMN WHAT THE HECK.

i did all that i could.
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