I'd Never

Summary: Taehyung had broken up with you awhile ago and is happily in a new relationship, so when he’s drunk, why does he always come to you and act as if nothing’s changed?

Comfortably seated on your couch with your favorite movie in, you sighed softly. It’s been awhile since you were so content. You lifted another spoonful of half melted ice cream to your lips. While you didn’t hear the front door open, you definitely heard the person close it on their shoe. The carton of ice cream fell into your lap as your heart started to race. You lived alone. Who could possibly be casually strolling into your apartment unannounced? Unwillingly, your thoughts drifted to the only other person who had a key; Taehyung. You shook your head, slowly standing up- making sure to grasp your cellphone- and creeping around the couch to see who was here. You and Taehyung had broken up over a month ago, and he hasn’t contacted you since. There was no way he was here; showing up at midnight on a Friday. You both were still friends on his personal social media and you had seen the photos. He had a new girlfriend. A girl who was the exact opposite of you. And he seemed happy.

You rolled your eyes. Why were you thinking of him when there could possibly be a murderer in your home. Taking a sharp intake of air, you peeked your head around the corner and froze. There clumsily removing his shoes was Taehyung. You stepped out fully and he looked up, a lazily smile tugging at his lips. He blinked slowly, pushing his damp hair out of his eyes. He was sweaty, you noticed. Frowning, you took a step closer, placing your cellphone on the hall table, “Is something wrong, Taehyung?” you questioned cautiously. His mouth opened, and he gave you a weird look. Suddenly, he let out a low chuckle and shook his head, “No, Jagi. Why would there be?” He glanced past you to squint at the TV. From the front door, there was direct access to the living room. You paused. Why did he call you Jagi? His eyes shifted back to you,”Did you start movie night without me?” He whined playfully.

You were beyond confused. By then he had removed his shoes and he began to stand up. The fact that he leaned heavily against the wall to straighten himself up didn’t go unnoticed by you. Taehyung stumbled over to you, leaning down as if to kiss you. You stiffened immediately, ready to pull away but he missed your face entirely. Instead his head drooped down, nose crashing into your collarbone as he pressed a sloppy kiss to your shoulder. That’s when you smelled it. Your brows drew down sharply, “Taehyung, are you drunk?” He looked slightly apologetic, “I’m sorry. I know you don’t like to drink, Jagi. I was just..”He blankly stared down at you for a solid minute. Rubbing at his eyes, he frowned,”I…I actually don’t remember why I was drinking. I think it was something with the guys.” He swayed on his feet. Reaching out, you took his arm and led him to the couch to sit. Watching the way he sunk into the seat and turned to just stare at you put you on edge. He wasn’t saying anything or doing anything, just staring. The fact that you couldn’t even begin to guess what he could possibly be thinking was unnerving as well. You cleared your throat and looked away from him,”Where’s your girlfriend? Do you want me to call her for you?” His hand was pushing his cellphone to you ear, while he smiled down at you.

“Call her.” he slurred. The phone at your ear rang several times. Your phone started to ring from it’s spot on the table in the hall. Taehyung’s smile widened. His cellphone was pulled away and you looked to see exactly who you were calling. Your name and photo flashed on the screen. As the call went to voicemail you hung up, looking to him. He sniffled, wiping at the sweat on his upper lip and chuckled,”Why didn’t you answer, Jagi? I was trying to call you.”

You pushed his phone back into his hands,”Why do you keep calling me Jagi?” He looked lost, “Jagiya?” he tried. You shook your head, holding your hand up to stop him from dishing out another term of endearment. “Taehyung, who am I?” You questioned. He threw his arm around your shoulder, drawing you closer as he thought. “Well first of all, you’re Y/N.” He murmured,”You’re my girlfriend-” You gently pulled his arm away from you, patting off some lint from his shoulder. “No I’m not.” There was his blank stare again. Slowly his eyes drooped down to your lips and you shifted back,”Taehyung, are you even listening?” He nodded absently, shifting closer to you, his body caging you into the couch corner. Taehyung licked his lips, swallowing heavily. “I know you don’t like it when I drink, but can we still..?” He seemed to forget the word and instead pushed his face into your neck, inhaling deeply. Deciding not to hold his own weight anymore, he slumped against you, wrapping his arms around you. “Why are you so stiff, Jagi?” When you felt his fingers tugging down at the waistband of your shorts, you snapped into action. You shoved him away, practically jumping off the couch and ran off to the other side of the coffee table. He frowned softly. Then his eyes met yours and he smiled, standing up as well. “I like this game, Jagi.” He murmured, crouching slightly and holding out his arms as if he was going to catch you.

You held your arm out in what would be the universal sign for stay back, but he still took a step around the table to you. “Taehyung, stop..” You warned, taking a step away from him whenever he tried to get closer. “I’m serious.” He sat down on the table and held his arms out,”Well then will you come to me?” You shook your head, “Why are you here? And drunk?” You were so frustrated and confused and Taehyung in all his drunken stupor didn’t understand. He watched as you pulled at your hair in frustration. “Jagi, what’s wrong?” “Stop calling me that!” You snapped at him. His mouth snapped shut as he just sat there. “Taehyung, I’m not your Jagi anymore! You broke up with me over a month ago! Do you not remember that?!” He rubbed at his forehead, “I’d never do that..” he mumbled. You laughed bitterly, tears starting to well up in your eyes. Defeated you sat on the opposite side of the coffee table, “Yeah, well I thought that too, but you did.” Looking up at him, you could tell that he was trying to remember it. You rolled your eyes, this was why you didn’t drink. And while you two were together he didn’t either. You didn’t force him, as much as fans like to think. You had simply mentioned, when you were offered a drink by him, that you didn’t drink. He had looked shocked, but then soon he was declining drinks from the guys, claiming that he wasn’t in the mood, It had taken you awhile to notice that since he had started dating you, that he didn’t drink anymore.

After you two had broken up, you had seen (from his social media posts) that his new girlfriend was a heavy drink and so he had become one as well. Almost all their photos showed him with a bottle or glass in hand. Either way, it wasn’t like you had any pull on him. After your breakup, your ‘friends’ from Bangtan had stopped interacting with you. It was understandable though, you had met them through Taehyung. If he stopped talking to you, it seemed pretty normal that his friends would too. That most likely explained why he was drunk. But that didn’t explain why he was here, or why he didn’t remember breaking up with you. Wiping at your eyes, you dashed around his reaching hands to grab your phone from the hall. Frantically tapping at the screen, you finally made it back to him just as you found what you were looking for. He leaned forward, successfully grasping your hips and drawing you into him. With his forehead resting against your hip, he murmured,”I’d never break up with you Jagi.” You heard him sniffle again,”I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Biting your lip, you pretended you didn’t hear that and stepped back. “Hana.” You murmured, steadily looking down at him. He didn’t even blink. “Hana,” you repeated,”Is your current girlfriend.” Holding out your phone, you showed him the pictures from his account. He quietly scrolled through them, his eyes clearing. Suddenly he looked up at you, “Is this a hidden camera?” He asked, whipping his head around to glance at all the corners of the room. He frowned when you angrily sighed and pressed your phone to your ear. “Namjoon?” You spoke into the phone,”Yeah, I know you said not to call you… I know but- Listen! Taehyung’s here and drunk so send someone to get him please!” You rolled your eyes,”And make sure you let his girlfriend know, I’m not about to get caught up in some drama…” You hung up, glancing to see if Taehyung had fallen asleep, he was awfully quiet. His eyes were on his hands,

“Why wouldn’t Namjoon want you to call him?” He asked,”You two get along great.” Your fingertips rubbed at your temples. This whole situation was giving you a headache. Glancing at Taehyung, you wondered if he had one as well. Your cool hand reached out and felt his forehead. “Does your head hurt, Tae?” He nodded softly,”But answer my question please.” “After you broke up with me, Namjoon said it felt…that he was no longer comfortable talking to me so casually, and Hana didn’t feel comfortable as well so…you all sort of left me behind.” Your eyes burned, dabbing at them you added,”But it’s understandable….I’m not..” You made the mistake of looking at him. At the way he’d just stare and you knew you had his full attention. Stepping away, you furiously wiped at the tears that were now falling freely.”I-I had gotten so comfortable with you. You were part of my day, my routine, my..everything! Why did you leave?” He silently held his arms out for you, and you willing went to him. Resting his head atop yours he murmured,”I don’t know, why did I?” He sounded as if he didn’t believe what you were saying but decided to humor you. You pulled away from him, just as the front door was opening. Namjoon’s voice drifted in,

“It was unlocked, I just came in.” He, still in his shoes, stepped into the living room. He too looked as if he had been drinking, but not as much and Taehyung. Rap Monster narrowed his eyes at you, still wrapped in Taehyung’s arms. “Y/N. He’s drunk. What are you doing?” He stepped closer, moving you away from V. He pulled harder than he intended to and you fell back on your hands,“Are you trying to take advantage of him?!” He asked in disbelief. “Look, I know you’re upset about the break up, but he has a girlfriend!” You shrunk back as his face reddened in anger,”I honestly thought you were better than that!” He took a step towards you, but ended up bumping into Taehyung who had forced his way in between you two. “Back off.”

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