Decisions (pt1) The Studio.

It was late one night, you sat in the studio staring at the mirror ahead of you. The music was still playing loud, and people around you were talking to their friends and you were standing alone just enjoying the music. It wasn't a big place, just some mirrors along the walls, a bathroom, and upstairs was a small room you slept in when you worked over night. It wasn't much, but it was your home away from home, your dance studio was pretty much your life in Korea. You moved there about 2 years ago to pursue a career in dance, and maybe music as well, and it was going well. You worked for BigHit choreographing routines for their clients, and you loved it. Honestly, you were a bit lonely though. With all the work, you never really got to make friends in your new home. To try and fix that, you began opening up your studio on weekends, to co-workers and their friends/family. You thought it would help you bond, but it really just showed you the type of people they really were.

You stood there, looking in the mirror, trying out some new dance routines. Your co-workers just watching, speaking quietly within themselves. Unsure of if they were complimenting or complaining about you, you stopped dancing. Walking up the stairs, your cellphone began to ring.



"Yes y/n? We're sending a group to your studio, I assume you're there."

It was your boss, you chuckled a bit since he knew you so well.

"Yes sir I'm here working on some routines, I have some co-workers here as well. Should I let them know I have work to do?"

"Please do so. We do not want this group to feel too pressured at the moment. Some members are feeling a bit under the weather"

You assured him that you would have your co-workers leave before the group had gotten there. **Huh, that's strange. They don't usually send groups to me weekend nights, the group must have a tight schedule** you thought as your co-workers left your studio.Quickly cleaning up the studio, you were slightly nervous meeting new groups. Growing more and more curious, your anxiety began to cause your hands to shake. **KNOCK KNOCK**

"I'll be right there!" you yelled checking yourself in the mirror before rushing to the door.

You pulled open the door to be greeted by 7 handsome young men.

"HELLO~~" they all sang right before introducing themselves as a group.

RM: "1..2..3..." All: "Hello! We are Bangtan Boys" They all said as the bowed politely.

**BTS!?!? Oh sh*t** Your favorite BigHit group was in front of you. You almost threw a fangirl tantrum. Each member walked in, greeting you as they passed by.

RM: "Ah, y/n right?" "Mhmm" RM: "Great, we're here cause you are supposed to help us tighten our choreo for our come back" "Okay, sounds good. I'm going to have to listen to the music first though, get a feel for it you know?" JK: "Lucky for you I have some drafts of our music in my phone" He went to go plug in his phone into the speakers you had set up in the studio. JM: "Kookie, which song are you going to play for her first" he said giving you a side smirkV: "Oh! Can I pick the song?" V exclaimed, running towards JungkookYou giggled to yourself, watching the members already make fools of themselves.


Finally, Jin had stepped in and picked a song to start off with. He decided the first song to work on should be the title track, so now you were studying the song slowly coming up with ideas for a routine. The song had been played at least 3 times, and you had a concept down for the choreography. Motioning over the members one by one, you told them what they would do in the first verse.

"Mmm V you sit down here like this, and when RapMonster gets here you slide backwards just a little bit" You positions each member, and got the first half of the routine done.

"Yoongi, you look like you're having trouble learning some of these moves. Do you need some help?" S: *looking down* "Aishh, I can get it,just give me some time"

JK: "Hyung, don't be nervous to go over it again." Kooke said playfully teasing his hyung.

S: "Just let me see y/n do my part one more time and i should get it" You nodded your head, and did the first part of the routine for Suga. He watched you closely, studying your body movements. Looking at you from head to toe, making sure he understood the way he needed to move. You watched him as he studied you, and you felt your cheeks grow red. Luckily all the work had caused your face to sweat, so your red cheeks weren't to noticeable. "You think you got it Yoongi?" S: "You can call me Suga y/n" his voice seemed a little deeper than before, it almost made you blush even more.

Suga attempted the choreography once more, on his own, and he seemed to have gotten it down. All the members clapped, and they proceeded to do it as a group once before leaving your studio. JH: "We'll see you tomorrow y/n" his smile big and bright, "stay warm tonight"

J: "Make sure the young ones don't forget anything before we leave, Namjoon."

RM: "You got it Jin" Members making sure they got everything they needed, and one by one left out the door. Shutting the door behind you, letting out a sigh grabbing your cheeks.

"Aiiishh, it's the first time I met the guy, why do I feel so f*cking flustered!" Shouting to yourself. Suddenly, you take notice of something on the speaker in the far corner of the room. You go to check what it is, it's one of the members phones. Right as you picked up the phone, you heard a voice at the door.


"Jeeze, I've left my phone here 5 minutes, and you're already snooping through my things?" Suga teased. You turned around quickly accidentally dropping the phone on your foot. Suga ran towards you, making sure you were okay. He began to laugh at how clumsy you had just been.

"Aygo! That really hurt my toe!" S: "Don't exaggerate it could not have been that bad." "Oh yeah? Well how bout we drop it on your toe, and see how you react" S: "Go ahead, I know for a fact it won't hurt me" "Mhmm sure it wont" You dropped the phone on his toe, okay maybe tossed it a little hard at his toe. He let out a little yelp and knelled down to your eye level.

"I thought it wouldn't hurt you?" playfully teasing him.

S: "It doesn't hurt" clear throat "I just wanted to get a closer look at your foot" You both laughed a little, but the laughter stopped when you looked up and your eyes met. You felt your heart skip a beat, as your faces were inches from one another. Suga licked his lip slowly, and began to lean forward. You slowly began to lean into him too, your eyes about to close. "S-Suga..." S: "Y/n..." he whispered. God his voice was so hot, it made you want to pounce on him.

J: "Hey Suga did you fin-----Oh!" Both of you shot up and you handed him his phone.

"A-a-ahhh here you go Yoongi Oppa" S: "Wh--Oh yeah, thank you y/n I should get going. Come on Jin, we're keeping the boys waiting" J: "Hehe alright Suga let's go" Walking them to the door Suga had given you a handshake and pulled your ear to his mouth.

S: "I'm going to be here tomorrow, alone." Letting go of you, you shut the door. There was a note in your palm, with some writing on it as well. *Be ready by 2 p.m.* It read with a string of numbers right under it. You slid down the wall gripping the note and biting you lip.

"Yoongi Oppa, you're going to be the death of me if you keep this up"


I decided it was time to make a fic about my top bias YOONGI OPPA<33333 I hope it wasn't too long, and I hope you guys like it too (: OH AND WE HAVE A NEW VINGLE FAM MEMBER!@lori3cub3s is a friend of mine who loves K-pop so I introduces her to Vingle (: Can we all make her feel welcome<33


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