Upgrade Challenge

Tagged by@xsandos17 &@SugaOnTop for this one. I nominate everyone who sees this!!

Me as a jellybean

I think this was taken when I was a 1&1/2

Fast forward a whole lot of years, this is me at 17 fresh out of high school.

Me a few years later at work "dressed up" for Halloween, coworkers had no clue that this is normal clothes for me. Lol

Fast forward again, my jellybeans & I on Valentine's Day. Best Valentine's ever!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Me at 26. I was having a good hair day

That face you make when a coworker says "Lets take a selfie!"

Halloween 2015 corn maze with my jellybeans.

Taken 10 minutes ago. Silly jellybean!

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