"She Was Pretty" (K-Drama Review)


(Park Seo-Joon)(Hwang Jung-Eum)(Koh Joon-Hee)EPISODES: 16



(Choi Siwon)


Sung-Joon and Hye-Jin are so cute, sorry Siwon! But I was rooting so hard for these two to get together. They were each others first love. How can you beat that? Sung-Joon, even though he though Ha-Ri was Hye-Jin from the beginning. His heart knew that Hye-Jin was Hye-Jin because he fell in love with her again the way she is. She may look completely different but he changed too. I thought she was pretty the whole time but whatever. He knew he liked he when he started to worry where she was and she knew that she lived him the whole time.


Hye-Jin and Ha-Ri have the best friendship I've ever seen in any show. Even though Ha-Ri regrets what she did she does what she must do and tries her best to forget Sung-Joon for her best friend which is true friendship. Hye-Jin cares so much for Ha-Ri, she even thinks about giving up on Sung-Joon for her best friends first love so she could be happy. But Sung-Joon says he loves her (Hye-Jin) not Ha-Ri. I heard a lot of hate towards Ha-Ri because of how she betrays Hye-Jin but she does try multiple times to tell Sung-Joon that's she's not Hye-Jin but he always ended up not meeting her, then he finds out by coincidence.


I love this show so much. It got me hooked right away. It's so funny, I love the idea of two people who change so much in appearance yet meet after so long and still end up falling for each other again. Great supporting characters, good music and there weren't really any bad characters that I disliked. I loved all the characters especially Kim Shin-Hyuk. It's got a great supply of romance and humor. Therefore it's perfect! She Was Pretty also had one of the best endings I've ever seen in a K-Drama.


10/10 - It's so good and know one of my favorites. I've never watched any shows twice but if I would this would definitely be one of the shows I would watch again because it's so entertaining. @kpopandkimchi@sherrysahar@Kamiamon@SydneyGarza@KpopQueenaBee@christianliu@dancer1248MN@Valerie816@VeronicaArtino@KaiJae@AzariaMilton@PamelaPenaloza@montha91@AnnahiZaragoza@carenabobo@krin@britneyamanda@deefran@GDsGF@alexusnthomas@shannawi@Ercurrent@JamiMilsap@luna1171@poojas@SusiBosshammer@mistymaity@humairaa@sosoaloraine23@heidichiesa@soejitzee@Yongsongmi@sarahdarwish@SyumbiUchiha@Moose1998@hyunsaeng638@Mahealani@NickySerban@IMNII@TLeahEdwards

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