[Part 1 ending of Prologue

"If you had to choose between Ksoo and Sehun... who would you choose Kai".

"Dude why are you asking me this?!"

"Do you really think we don't notice, man you have a thing for Ksoo, It wouldn't be surprising if you already kissed him.... but some part of your heart also craves for Sehun-hyung, now you know you can't have both so who would you choose?."

Who would I choose, I choose Ksoo I'll break Sehun's heart and I choose Sehun Ksoo will also be heart broken.

"Yah, it's your choice anyways you don't have to think about it. But there will be a day when they will come to you and ask you "Who do you choose" and then THAT'S when you have to think about it. And trust me picking one won't be easy, but if you decide on Ksoo I'm sure Sehun will find someone else to cry over."

Suho left me alone and for a while his question was hurting my chest and yet, like a little kid trying to pick out a toy at the store, ...... I can't choose...... because-----

--- I'll kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

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