My top 15 bias list

Hey there guys! I got tagged to do this by@LexTay327 so here you go. I'm gonna warn you that I may cheat for the 1st place... as I have 2 #1's. You guys may notice I do like my underrated groups! Let's Start!

1. Jay Park and Okasian. Jay is just a very talented man and a very attractive one at that. Jay is an amazing rapper and CEO. AOMG! Jay has only recently got to number one (joint number one) Okasian. Now a lot of people do not know this beautiful man. Kim Ji Yong is a talented rapper under Hi-Lite Records. Along with Jay, Okasian has only just got to joint number one. I couldn't separate the two either as they are good friends!

2. Listen (Lee Seung Tae) - The Legend My beautiful baby. Again not many people know The Legend so yeah. Listen has been my bias for quite sometime. He has such a down to earth but shy personality! He is the leader in The Legend and my blonde baby (although he is older than me). He is known for having an eight pack which fellow member Changsun showed me. Kamsahabnida Changsun oppa! Just to point out Listen is the blonde one in all the group photos.

3. Sugaaaaaaa! My mint oppa! Sweet like Sugar. Who doesn't like this little cutie? He's adorable, a sweetheart, the sweg king and much much more. nothing else needs to be said.

4. Jenissi - Topp Dogg Taeyang.... oh my beautiful Taeyang... The little cutie of Topp Dogg. I love this man to pieces! He is a brilliant rapper in Topp Dogg and also a amazing soloist. He has written lyrics to some of Topp Dogg's music and made his own mixtape. There is no stopping this man.

5. Choi Seunghyun. Mr Choi Seunghyun... You were once my number one until Jay and Okasian came into the picture. I still love you though! Don't think I need to explain why he is one of my biases...

6. B-Joo - Topp Dogg Look at this cute little blondie! He's got such a character! He's a little cutie but a weird cutie sometimes. He makes me laugh and always impresses me.

7. James - Royal Pirates Mr I used to be a model. You need to stop! I love you and the rest of Royal Pirates. I hope his hand is ok.. poor thing. Love you James! He was such a good guitarist until his accident this year now he's a good keyboard player!

8. Bobby - Ikon This boy though. Ever since he was on Show Me The Money 3 he has caught my attention. He can rap and dance (not sure if he can sing). He has the looks going for him! He can be very sexy at times but such a dork at other times!

9. Prince Mak - JJCC Our Chinese-Australian member of JJCC. This boy is so adorable it is unreal. He may look young but this boy is already 25. He has been my bias of JJCC ever since I started listening to JJCC in their mv of Fire. He's just someone you can't not love. I just want to hug him all day long.

10. Alex - High4 Mr deep voice and beautiful smile. Alex.. Alex. Alex. Alex. The definition of gorgeous. He is such a mum/mom to High4. He literally looks after the other members so well. He is my gorgeous baby. Although I love all the other members Alex has my heart. He never fails to make me smile and he never fails to kill me with his looks.

11. Suwoong - Boys Republic Suwoong. The maknae. He's the maknae but he does not look like one. He just caught my eyes when I first got into Boys Republic and from then on he's been my bias. It's never changed in Boys Republic and never will.

12. Zico - Block B Zico. Oh my dear Zico. How I love you so much. This boy... ani MAN is oh so talented. He not only raps... He writes his own lyrics and is an all round good looking guy. His obsession with Hello Kitty gets me everytime. Everyone thinks he's scary but in all honesty he's a softie who loves Hello Kitty.

13. Jaeho - History pff... what can I say about Jaeho... Not a lot. His visuals explain most of it.... His vocals explains the rest.... I love this man and am so happy he and the rest of History are visiting the UK in 2016.

14. Mino - Winner Amazing rapper. Writes his own lyrics and music. Composes. Can sing. Has the looks. What more do I have to say?

15. Sungyeol - Infinite Sungyeol. I have seen this boy and Infinite live. and my god can he sing and dance well! He's also very attractive in real life... well more attractive than in pictures. His smile is so gorgeous. I watched infinite sesame player and fell in love with him and his laugh.

Hey guys!! I'm an avid kpopper. My ultimate bias groups are Topp Dogg and Exo. My ultimate bias is Chanyeol of Exo!
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