For the New Year, I would like to know everyone's reolutions, not goals, but something you'd like to start the new year off with.

My number 1 would have be getting more in shape and becoming healthier and more fit. The doctors say im a bit over wait for my age and height so im taking that into consideration and going to be working out on a daily basis.

My number 2 resolution would be to get better grades and to do better in school because im trying to graduate early.

#3 would be to leaen Korean better and to practice ecerday rather than ecery now and then.

last but not least #4 would to be happier. My nickname at school is actually Happy Girl or Happy Virus(like Chanyeol ) because im always happy but i want to be more happy so those around me can be happier as well.

You can make a card about your resolutions bit make sure to tag me so i can see all your lovely wishes 화이팅!

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