wtf not even

so I was on Facebook and you know looking and I saw that Exo-l want an apology from BTS Jimin. So I started to ready it and I was like not even... like we're is Kia's LED screen. The dance is not even the same I mean the same style of dance but not the same moves. They are both good dancers I love EXO and BTS they are good groups. the EXO-L's are too much.

So to me I don't think Jimin need to apologize for do the same dance style. EXO-Ls just need to chill. This is too much just for the same dancing style. Like would understand if Jimin completely copied Kai but he didn't so I don't think Jimin needs to apologize. Below is the link for the article. Let me know what you guys think.

umm idk. You will learn about me
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