This year brought me K-pop

It started with Got7. I thought that JB kid from Dream High 2 had talent so I looked him up and found this group of talented young men. They opened me up and I started exploring more groups.

Then I found Shinee. These boys had nice hair abs and oh yes nice songs. Listening to them made me want to hear more.

Miss A came next. They are gorgeous and made me like the girl groups too.

EXO came on and made my husband ok with hearing this song. The first step to acceptance.

Sistar gave me the only dance move I know. Shake It!!! lol

I'll admit when I first heard this song I wasn't positive I liked it. When I was scrolling through my husband's music and saw this song on his phone I was thrilled and now we both rock out to this song.

That brings me hear. I first saw this muisc video while doing chores with my husband. We both stopped and watched. A few weeks later I caught him listening to it while he was doing laundry. He says he just likes the sax....sure he does. ;)

This year has been amazing and I'm so glad I discovered k-pop and a community that supports my love for it. I wish you all a safe, happy and healthy New Year!

I got into k-pop after watching dramas and deciding i wanted to learn Korean. I started listening to the music to develop my ear and now I'm addicted.
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