My new BTS sweatshirt ๐Ÿ˜€

I been waiting for it for the longest! and it finally came in the mail today :D Its so awesome xD I love it โค I just wanted to share this with you guys haha are yall getting any new kpop merch soon? feel free to share. oh yeah and I just ordered bts 2016 seasonal greetings !! I got mines from Ebay and I took the last one that was the cheapest on there lol thank god I got to it because I thought I was never gonna get it DX but as most of you know it's sold out on all the main kpop websites DX I usually shop at Kpopmart because they sell merch must cheaper than anywhere else so I was upset that they sold out. Next I want to buy The most beautiful moment in life pt1 & pt2... mannn so much merch like >.< haha


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