My Top 15 Bias

I was tagged by@TiffanyBibian, so I wanted to start by thanking you..... Now I'm gonna put my biases out there in random order cuz if I had to put them in order, they'd all share first place.


1. KiSeop from U-KISS

He was my first bias when I got into Kpop because U-KISS was the first group I was introduced to.


2. YeSung from Super Junior

He definitely lives up to his stage name. When I heard my first Super Junior song I feel in love with his voice, just like most of my other biases. But I love my turtle.


3. DongHae from Super Junior

He's a really great dancer and I really respect him after all the hard work he does while acting and singing. Being part of SuJu, SuJu M, and SuJu D&E just shows some of his talent.


4. HongBin from VIXX

I love when VIXX does a creepy or weird concept because HongBin kills it everytime. I loved Voodoo Doll and watching HongBin and even the others in it just conveyed the 'creepiness' of the song.

5. Hyuk from VIXX

He's just to adorable even in person when I went to their concert.

6. V from BTS

He's just to adorable and dorky for words


7. Jungkook from BTS

The more I listen to his cover songs, the more I fall for him. I can see why he's the golden maknae, he's so talented.

8. Suga from BTS

He just keeps creeping up on me when I watch BTS videos. Whether it's preformances, MVs, or interviews, he just catches my eye now. And I recently watched their end of the preformance so I got to watch him play the piano.

9. Ken from VIXX

I love listening to him sing. When I heard Don't Want to be an Idol, I heard just how amazing his voice is. I also love his vocal range, he can hit such a high frequency it's amazing.

10. Henry from Super Junior

My talented older brother. I absolutely respect his and his musical talent. From singing to dancing to playing the piano to playing the violin he is truly gifted in the art of music.

11. DaeHyun from B.A.P.

When I first saw them I couldn't tell them apart since they were all blonde. So while listen to Warrior I heard him and said that he's my bias. After I got to watch them more I kept thinking 'yep he's my always hungry bias.'

12. Zelo from B.A.P.

He impresses me with his rapid fire rapping. I liked when he did that one dance in One Shot then followed up with the Scorpion Dance move.


13. SungJae from BtoB

I never really had a set bias from this group till I watched Thriller. I really liked his dance movements and the way he sung.

14. SungJong from INFINITE

I went to Maryland to see him in concert, I was so happy when they came to the states. I enjoy watching him beat up on his bear haha.

15. Taeyeon from Girls Generation

I was going to put Onew since I he's also a bias, but I decided to put my female bias. She is such an amazing singer that I was super happy when I heard she would have a solo cd. I listen to it often.

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