Happy New Years!

its officially new years where i live at lets all take a moment to appreciate this 1 minute! haha cuz after it's 12:01 ...its just whatever JkJk

haha i think we all can agree on this

My ultimate bias Kim Hyun Joong , waiting for him until he comes back. Now at this moment it is officially 406 days left! Happy New Years dear oppa! Always will support u!

and although for big band members it is already new years for them...i still want to wish them a new year full of great memories and much love! VIP forever!

And of course to my #1 kpop group SS501! im excited for "ur man" comeback! and obviously for park jung min and kim hyun joong oppa release from the military! HAPPY NEW YEARS! Triple S forever and always!

thanks to all of those who in my short time of joining the vingle family, have made me smile when i see yas posts!@ladygdragon@magicbananas @Nnatalieg@BBXGD@MadAndrea@Leab259@3secondsofhope@MistressSiren@Kpopandkimchi@YvonneTayBL@VixenViVi@Gamerkyumin@Monicacerroblan@Izzy987@CheyenneJessee@Creetheotaku@Shellyfuentes@Roxy1903@AnneRodriguezm@GDSGF@ScYrRyL36

💚 SS501/301 & Big Bang 👑 ❤ BTS? currently trying to survive from those 7 dorks KHJ•KKJ | T.O.P Jin? Namjoon? Jungkook? V? J-Hope? Jimin? Suga?╥.╥
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