Those Cat Days

Jimin x reader: fluff ______ Jimin was ready, he was feeling anxious, but today was finally the day he will…. “I love you, not him” Jimin, stood paralyzed as he was about to open the door to your room. Quickly forgetting that you texted him saying that you were a bit sick, he placed his ear in the door so he could hear clearly. “You are my only love…” “I want you to love me and cuddle me” “I will do anything to keep you by my side" Jimin couldn’t take it anymore, he felt jealous and disappointe. After a year of dating, his worst dream came true…you fell out of love with him. He opened the door, ready to face you. “…Meow…” And of course. It always came down to do this. Cats, cats everywhere. “So this is why, you haven’t been texting me? Because…because of him!?”- Jimin, of course was joking, even though he felt stupid of feeling jealous because of a cat, he still felt left out. “He just became a father…you need to understand what he is going through!”- you told Jimin and so you turned around to keep playing with your cats and kitties. "Since when have you been keeping this a secret from me?”-Jimin asked seriously, still kinda annoyed at your childish behaviors, since it seemed that cats were first than your health. “…two months…” “And you were planning on telling me?” “You were not supposed to find out this way…” “It’s me or them….I just can’t keep going if they are here…” “But…” “No buts!…I am taking them away..” “No, Jimin, look, we can-” “No!….I already said, NO! Your health comes first, just look at you! You know you are allergic and now you are sick!” You looked directly at Jimin’s eyes and he kept silent doing the same. <1 2 3 . . . . . You got him. “Fine, we can keep them, but you better take your medicine….” “Yay!” Jimin went near your and he laid himself on your bed ad he put the cats on the floor, including yours. He made you lay down with him, as he notice that you looked sick. “did you take your medicine?”-Jimin asked, as he hugged you. “Yes, this reactions should go away in some time”- You looked at him, first his eyes and then his lips, already wondering and tasting their flavor in your mind. Jimin noticed this and he gently, placed a string of your hair back to your ear, taking the advantage to grab your neck and slowly pulls you towards him and you both shared a sweet kiss. Jimin smiling through soft kisses and butterflies, he really thought this was heaven as he could’t think of a better place than being on your bed, you all to himself. You both separated due to the lack of oxygen. “I love you”- Jimin said, and he looked at your eyes. So determined. “I love - Achuu!”-You turned around to sneeze as soon as you felt it coming, so Jimin didn’t have to be in front of you while you sneeze uncontrollably. “I will bring you something warm”- Jimin stood up and he went to the kitchen, ready to out his plans in action. “Here, honey, I brought you warm milk”-Jimin said as he opened the door and once again he found you taking care of the kitties. He went next to you and gave you the hot chocolate, in which you thanked him and you gave it a quick sip and you place the cup in the bedside. You left the kitten lay in the floor again, and so you and Jimn came back to your original position, which was cuddling in bed. Jimin and you couldn’t stop kissing. His touches, his warm body made you feel complete in every sense. You just never could have enough of Park Jimin. “Chim chim … Just hug me …” -you smiled at him and it was his pleasure. Just like you, he wished that you could stay with him forever. And the both of you felt asleep in each other arms. Jimin woken up at him not feeling you in his arms anymore. He became packed as he knew that your condition wasn’t any good. He was about to stand up, but you came to the room and he saw you so much better than in the afternoon. “Are you feeling better, love?” -Jimin asked, still worried about you. “Yes, I am good now, thank you.”-You said quietly and Jimin noticed it. “Are you sure?” “Yes, it’s just my cat…" “What happened to him?” “When you were asleep, I stood up to feed the cat, and since I didn’t finish the milk you game me, and it was already cold, I decided to give it to him… And well,he now looks sick… I am well…”- you said and you could see Jimin’s worried face. “Don’t worry, jagiya, you stay here and rest and I will go and check him, ok?”- Jimin stood up and he went near you and once again he kissed you. “Thank you, you are the best…”- you smiled and went to the bed and closed your eyes as Jimin left the room. Jimin went to the kitchen and he noticed your cats and kitties. He went eye level to face him. “Look, cat, you already have a family, you are happy, right? Your owner and I also want to be happy together, and I know this was part of your evil plan of keeping (Y/N) away from me… So let’s go”- Jimin picked up your cat, also graving a laxative from the restroom, ready for battle. < There was no way in earth that he was going to let your cat keep the promise ring that Jimin bought…the same one he put in that glass of milk! The end A/N: Just a small fluff for my readers currently reading my "Never Enough " Story. Hope you like this :)

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