Top 15 bias challenge

Because I was tagged by@TiffanyBibian ill be doing the challenge.


My ultimate bias is Yang Yoseob. I think I look up to him more as a person rather than see him as a relationship type of way. But his cheeky chubs! Omo his cheeks are so cuuuuuuute


Bangtan's HOPE-JHOOOOOOOOOPE! He makes me smile everytime hes on the screen. At first I was really weary of him when I was first watching the group, but interview after interview he just blew my mind with his cute/hilarious side.

I know some of you may not have known, but this group has recently debuted into our world of kpop with a breath taking song and dance. This group is pretty amazing. Their debut song feels like a comeback, just saying. Its still amazing though. And my favorite so far, cause we all know it will freaking change lol, is A6P's JELLY-P! HE IS CUTE, HIS ENGLISH IS TO FREAKING ADORBS, AND HE IS IN CHARGE OF AGEYO AND BELIEVES TO BE THE BEST AND OMFG IVE NEVER PAUSED A VID SO FAST TO SCREENSHOT A FACE IT SCARED ME AND MY FRIEND. (dont worry children i will formerly introduce these beautiful young men to you)


I have saved so many images of E.Co its not even funny. This boys skin is brighter and clearer than my future. But the whole story of how I found JJCC was when i was scrolling through google images of boys with white/blond hair. I thought he was a girl and I started complimenting his appearance until i went to the youtube link and saw it was a man with a beautiful voice strutting his rustic, excuse my french, bitch face as he attempts to beat one of his band mates for stealing the other band mates girl. Like excuse me you cant be that dab kay?! I WANT TO LIVE DAMN YOUUUUUU!

Henry Lau is the cutest thing I think I've ever laid eyes one. I got into his Trap song, the English version first. I honestly freaked out when I saw the original video and saw Taemins name. Like yes.

Bambam, Ren, ZELLLLOOOOOOO, Vernon, and Woozi. Honestly i would add more images but i cant do more than fifty images (╮°-°)╮┳━━┳ ( ╯°□°)╯ ┻━━┻

As said heres A6P. And yes, the last one to take off his mask, Ado, your never allowed to see his face. It angers me inside as well. Ill most likely do a second upload and finish my rest up on that lol @hitomi123@CreeTheOtaku@thePinkPrincess Ill tag others later in the second upload lol I'm lazy

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