(200K-views Special) AMA with the creator of the "Why anime?" collection!

The 200K special and the first thing one of my (IRL) friends suggested is having an AMA (Ask Me Anything)... For you guys, it seems fair :/ For the record, my friend is kinda random, weird and overall quite horny. Heads-up, that's all I'm saying. And he asked me a bunch of random questions through an online-chat, and this is all taken from it, copy-pasted. Let's start the random facts about me, the authour of the "Why anime?" collection along with the sister-collection "Quick Why anime?" (kill me...)


The Questions (ask me more in the comments below!)

Favourite Font?Favourite shirt?How long can you hold your breath?Favourite website besides Vingle.net and YouTube.com?First anime ever seen?Favourite Chips-flavour?Which character in anime would you spend a date with and also in bed later?Tokyo or Osaka?Playstation or Xbox?Favourite sexual-position?Cola or Pepsi?Favourite Book?Favourite Movie?Favourite anime?Favourite Car?Favourite Quote in general usage?Favourite Quote from movies?Favourite Quote from anime?Favourite song?hereMost inspiriational anime-character?

Create your harem

- Rias Gremory

- Holo

- Megumi

- Asuna

- Inori

- My wife

Which "Why anime?"/"Quick Why anime?" was the most fun to do?(Why anime?) Nightcore & Vocaloid; A Subgenre of the Music Industry(Why anime?) Anime Characters; A Connection to Us and Why?(Why anime?) A Divided Online Community; Fanservice in Anime and Why? (SFW)What made you want to write on Vingle specifically?Can you roll your tongue?What would your dying last words be?Favourite type of porn?What turn you on/turns you off?Which is the first place your eyes would wander to if you saw a woman naked?When was the first time you had a wet dream?When was the first time you had a wet dream with an anime-girl and who was it?Most hated anime character?What's the most proud thing you've ever done?Which word from your vocabulary would you consider you've used the most in your "Why anime?"/"Quick Why anime?" info-articles?If you had to make out with someone of your sex to save the world from ruin, who would you pick?Any routine you do before you go to bed?How long are you?Day- or Night-person?Any phobias?Lastly, any anime recommendations you can make?


EDIT: Even more questions and my friend is even more hornier this time around!

What color are the boxers you are wearing?Ass or Tits?Dicks as fingers or a finger for a dick?If there one country's population you would like to smack and tell them that they are wrong on a certain point, which country's population and on what point?A dildo for dick or butt-plug in the ass?Best thing you've bought yourself in the last couple of months?If any sound could wake you up in the morning, what would it be?Which post in your "Why Anime?"/"Quick Why Anime" collection took the most research to make?Phone?Wish yourself another phone?Favourite Food?Okay, what was the last food you ate?What was the last drink you drank?Do you wear perfumé?Do you like flying?Do you like traveling?Do you like eating?Do you like driving a car?Do you like fucking?Do you like porn?If there was any anime you could forget only to rewatch, which one would it be?Within Europe, which country would you like to visit?Is there anything you hate about your posts other than the occasional idiot-commentor?Is there any inspiration as to the style of your posts?What is humanity's biggest strength?What is humanity's biggest weakness?Funniest rap song ever?Have you ever been pulled over by a cop?What is your blood-type?If you could wake up tomorrow in someone elses body, who's and why?If you could use a brain-washing machine on anyone, who would it be and what would you brain-wash them into?Where were you 3 hours ago and where are you now?Smart or Happy?Name your 3 weaknessesWith whom did you have your first kiss with?If you were a girl for a day, what would you do?Any sexual fantasies?Would you have the strength to fuck 100 women or fuck 1 guy?The mouth or the vagina?The vagina or the ass?The mouth or the ass?What is the most interesting term you know of?What is the most interesting sexual term you know of?Most original YouTube-content?Your top 10 anime-characters?Your top 10 anime?Read manga?Lastly, any words to me, the one who asks you these questions for the AMA?

This should do for now on the post itself, but if you have any questions of your own, I'll happily answer them down in the comments below!

Please feel free to check out and follow the "Why anime?" collection as well has her sister "Quick Why anime?" collection for more posts around and about anime! And thank you guys again for letting me hit 200K. It's all on you! //VoidX X

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