Upgrade Challenge

So I was tagged by a bunch of people@LexTay327@ladygdragon@CreeTheOtaku and I finally came around to doing it now..these are a few pictures of me..aww i was so cute

Time for the upgrade !! Prepare yourselves XD

This is me now( thats my twin brother behind me XD)So yeah...I finally did it lol Did I mention that I'm no good at selfies?


Don't know if you guys already did it but I'm tagging you guys:@ChelestiEdwards@DreaG1518@DamarisCisneros@CarenBoykins@MoraLesley@LexusSmith@ElniWyatt@GeetanjaliRao@Rebecca22@Exoexo@KatiemaeHarmon@Maquesha8760@4dalientae@ChavaBerry@CloverShadows@Chiqiang@TiffanyDixion@tannyboo01@GiselleMejia@thePinkPrincess@LeighHolgate@AlittleJoy@Keena85@lashonda0917@mycreativename@P1B2Bear@NykeaKing@originaljacqui@solodaywithB1A4@AubrieSmithra

Hi, My name is John. I live in the U.S and is a big fanboy of K-Pop and K-Dramas. I am in the process of trying to learn Korean. I'm very interested in finding new people who share my own interests. Fighting!
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