Decisions (pt2) The Day After


**Suga's P.O.V.**

Jin and myself got into the car, and he kept teasing me about what he saw. Insisting that nothing had happened, he finally let up the torture. *Aishh y/n what is it about you that makes my chest feel like it's shaking* I thought. Suddenly our song "Boy in Luv" was on the radio, appropriate I thought. Giggling by my lonesome, J-Hope turned to me.

JH: "Suga? What's so funny?" "Nothing, just thinking back to the day we filmed the video. We had a lot of fun that day."

Phew, great save. The night sky was so gorgeous, but all I thought of was y/n whispering my name....'S-suga' chest never felt that way before. The way my name escaped her lips....I better stop thinking about it my pants are beginning to feel tight. Arriving at the house V and Jungkook took over the couch to watch tv, RapMonster Jimin and J-Hope went to the kitchen for some snacks, and Jin pulled me into the nearest room.

J: "What really was going on in there? And don't tell me nothing, I seen the way you looked at her." My eyes widened as he spoke, but why did he want to know so badly what I was feeling for y/n?

"Jin, why do you want to know" the way I said that came off a bit cold, but I really didn't care

J: "I care, because you're about to hurt one of our dongsangs!"


J: "Y/n! That name doesn't ring a bell to you!?"


My face grew pale, the sudden realization set down onto me. Y/n...not THAT y/n, please no.

J: "Do you remember now? And the way he's talked about her for months! The way that he looked at her pictures!" "Yes I remember!" I guess that's why BigHit chose you to choreograph out whole comeback tour. Aishhh. Jungkook must have bugged them a thousand times about hiring you, I guess they finally listened.

****About a year back**** JK: "Hey! Hyung! I found this girl on YouTube today, she really knows how to dance! Look!" He said shoving the tablet into my face, I wasn't really paying much attention. I was trying to write lyrics for our new album coming out soon.

"YAAAH Kookie, I'm trying to work here!" shooing him away, his shoulders dropped to the floor.

After that day, he kept going on and on about this girl he found online. Poor Kookie, he's probably never going to meet this girl. I can tell he's in love with her already though, he checks daily for new videos, and he lights up watching her dance. *They'd be perfect for one another* giggling to myself. She's good at dancing, I haven't seen her vlogs, but I have heard them while he watches. She likes the same things he does...

****Present time****


J: "Suga, please talk to Jungkook about this before anything happens...He's in love with that girl." "She has a name Jin" words escaping harshly "her name is y/n" Jin's eyes widened, you could tell he knew how I felt about her. I walked out of the roomjust after that, and went straight to my bed. I did not feel like dealing with anyone right now, so I just laid in bed. "Y/n" sighing, "mianhae y/n. Mianhae Jungkook. Mianhae" drifting off into sleep.


****The following afternoon**** I kept to myself for most the day, I was too tired to speak to anyone. The time said is was 2 hours until 2 p.m, when I was going to meet y/n. My straight face turned to a smile, until I seen Jin glaring at me. I needed to leave, now, if I wanted to see her. I rushed to grab my things, and told the guys I had a sudden inspiration for a song and needed to go to the studio. I went out the door and began walking to your studio.

"I'm coming y/n." By the time I had gotten there it was 15 to 1 p.m, I didn't realize you were such a far walk from me. I took deep breaths, trying to steady my heart. Lifted up my hand, and was about to knock when I heard someone inside. Someone not y/n.

****Your P.O.V.****

Around 12 p.m. I heard a knocking at my door, I ran to get it open, thinking Yoongi had came early out of anxiety. I was shocked to see Jungkook there at my door holding a single rose and looking down at the floor. My heart stopped,but I wasn't sure out of fear to reject him, or because he was the most cute sweetest person I had ever seen.

JK: "Y/n c-can I come in?" voice shaking

"Of course" voice shaking as well

We both sat on my bed since my studio was being used by a coworker at that moment. The silence was killing me inside, I needed to know why he was here, and if Suga knew he was here. I was about to open my mouth when Jungkook spoke up

JK: "Y/n I am a big fan of your YouTube channel, I love all of your choreography. And the way that you speak about things, it's like we're the same person." turning his body towards you. "Y/n I know we had only just met, but I want you to know that I have had-" He stopped dead in his tracks, as if he was frozen. I looked at him with confusion.

"Why did you stop?" My cheeks were red as he spoke to me, but they were now returning to their normal color.

JK: "I'm really nervous, mianhae." He cleared his throat, "Y/n I have never confessed to anyone before, I have only received letter confessions, so I don't know how I'm supposed to do this either, but.."he dropped down on one knee **OH SHIT, SUGA WHAT DO I DO**

JK: "Y/n I want to ask you, please, give me one chance. We can try us out, and if it doesn't work, we will always be friends." My heart began to race, I didn't even realize it was 1 already...Then I heard my co-worker call my name. Jungkook motioned for me to go as he would wait for me there, so I walked out the room and I seen Suga standing at the stairs. My co-worker must have let him in. **SHIT, Now what is going to happen!**


Jungkook is on my bed asking for one chance, and Suga is downstairs waiting for our date. What the fuck am I going to do?! I began to lose breath, so I walked to Suga and began to tell him the truth. If I wanted anything to happen with him, I needed to be honest. He stood there, listening, you could tell he was hurt. Once I finished explaining the situation, Sugasaid something that caught me off guard.

S: "Y/n, I want you to give him a chance.." "But what about us! What about what almost happened, don't tell me I imagined those feelings!"

S: "No you didn't, but Jungkook has been in love with you ever since he discovered you online. Please, give him a chance. If it does not work out, then we can try, but I wil not hurt one of my namdongsaengs" I understood what he meant, but I needed one thing from him.

S: "Be honest y/n, do you want to give him a chance? I looked at him, and I slowly nodded my head up and down. I couldn't deny that I found him attractive, or that we got along amazingly at the rehearsal. Seeing my response Suga let out a sad sigh, patted my head and began walking away.

"Wait Suga," holding onto his sleeve. I pulled back to me and we were face to face. "Suga just give me one kiss. I want just one kiss before you go." He grazed my hair and slowly leaned towards me. I shut my eyes and waited for his lips to meet mine. I let out a small moan as we gently kissed, and I could feel his heart beat fast. My heart was doing the same, it felt like an eternity when we kissed, I smiled as he pulled away from me.

S: "There y/n. I hope that won't be our last kiss." He walked out of the door, and I stroked my lips in awe at how amazing the kiss was. After a minute of cooling myself off, I walked back up to Jungkook. He was on my bed, and somehow managed to find my laptop. He was playing League, but jolted up when he noticed me.

JK: "U-umm Mianhae! I got bored while I was waiting, so I thought could try out your game." He lifted one hand and placed it behind his head, giving me a smirk. Wow he looked great right now. I smiled and giggled at him.

"Jungkook I-" JK: "Call me Kookie" he smiled.

"Hehe okay Kookie, I thought about what your question, and my answer is.....Yes"

JK: "Really!?" jumping around and grabbing my hands "Y/N i'm going to make you so happy! Just wait noona!" I laughed at his actions, but I couldn't stop thinking of the kiss I shared with Suga, and his words rang in my head.

-S: "I hope that won't be our last kiss"-

*I hope it isn't our last kiss either Suga Oppa*

Sorry if this one isn't as good, or if it's kind short :P I hope you enjoy<3


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