Torchix's Top 15 Bias List

This took 2 hours. TWO WHOLE HOURS. But I did it.

Didn't even know I had 15 biases. I actually have more. What has my life come to.

1. Yoongi/Suga of BTS (Ultimate Bias)

Not going to start because if I do I won't finish the rest of this post.

Daegu's angel. My first k-pop love. A blessing upon this unworthy earth.

2. Jongdae/Chen from EXO (Life Ruiner)

Newest bias (read: obsession)

I'm determined to know everything about him. He's a beautiful work of art and his singing is angelic. Likes to lip bite and body roll and touch Chanyeol's butt and generally drive me insane. Sobs manly. A man's man with a laugh of pure joy. I'm convinced he's the reason flowers bloom. When I see him at Exo's concert I'll most likely faint.

3. J-Hope of BTS (Devil in Disguise)

Ultimate bias wrecker and King of Deception. Hides behind a healing smile and unnatural amounts of derp only to attack you with his seductive dancing and boyz-in-the-hood style rapping. Convinced he's a beautiful ray of sunshine but is really a burden of betrayal and dishonesty. That kid that sweet talks you into stealing stealing a bike and then laughs around the corner when you get arrested.

4. Jungkook of BTS (Little Boy That Needs To Go)

I've never had a love/hate relationship like this. He's the light of my life but also the bane of my existence. I cannot stand him but I need to see him everyday. I literally had to stop myself from liking him because he wasn't legal and I didn't feel right about it. I STILL DON'T. But he's just perfect. HOW CAN ONE LITTLE MAN-BOY BE SO PERFECT. I'm sure he'll make me love him again this year now that he's an "adult" (S/N: he made me realize I have this weird thing for hands oh God but have u seen this kid's hands though they're like sculpted or something wtf)

5. Yugyeom of Got7 (Jungkook #2)

Another little boy trying my patience

I never asked for this so please stop disrespecting me

boy bYE

6. Jinwoo of Winner (Doe Eyed Prince)

Never let go. *hisses*

7. Baekhyun of EXO (Baconbits)

Definition of a beagle. A goshdarn Angel. My second EXO love before I discovered Chen. (The first isn't even on this list oh my God poor Chanyeol) Mocks others. Terrorizes his hyungs. Loves to laugh. Sir-Troll-A-Lot. Sexybunny. His laugh is a gift from the Gods. Bullied Tao. Poor Tao lol

8. Hanbin/B.I of iKon (PotatoPuff)

Another new love. Battling it out with Junhoe currently for my heart. Derps with Bobby a lot. I enjoy it. Still learning about him. His singing voice is delightful for someone who's supposed to be a rapper. Face reactions are quick and perfect. Smartass.

9. D.O (My Precious)


10. Junhoe of iKon (Straight Butta)

I don't usually call guys Bae but he's literally Bae. Another barely legal entry (apparently I have a thing for the 97' liners) Also silly. Battling it out with B.I for my heart. Full vocal range. Low range is a sexy growl, high range is SWEET BUTTA. I ain't lying. Listen to My Type. Beautiful yo. I want to love him but he changed his hair from black to blond and I ain't feeling it. (aesthetics, i'm shallow and I have preferences sry)

11. Namjoon/RapMonster of BTS (LeaderBby)

Namjoon I have issues with only because he's extremely similar to me. Constantly seems to doubt himself and is very hard on himself. Vulgar. Goofy. Perverted. Singing voice like melting butter. Chill. Has no chill. Good with his hips. Not good with the rest of his body. Opinionated. Argumentative. A lil shit sometimes. Protective of those close to him. Sure of himself. Also unsure. Philosophical. Thinks too much.

I don't wanna date me. But damn Namjoon u be lookin so fineeeeeeeeee with ya bare face. Looks like this kid I used to be in love with in Elementary tbh

12. Wendy of Red Velvet (My Princess)

Glamorous. Beautiful. Exquisite. A derp. Beautiful voice and a personality to match. HER HAIR FLIPS AND HER BODY ROLLS GURRRRRRRL. AND THAT SMILE. Honestly everything I'd want to be. She's so wonderful HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE HER?!?!?!?!?!!!!

13. Kyunhyun of Super Junior (Cutie Patootie)

He's just cute idk why I stan him his voice is really nice but tbh I just think he's really cute aw also a maknae so this is like mandatory at this point aw cutie

14. Jimin of BTS (Small Bright Pepper)

I didn't even really notice him (in that way, like I knew he was there guys lol) until RUN era with his bright ass head always up in the camera humpin my face and his tongue attempting to make out with my eyes like I don't need this Park Jimin what did I ever do to u but then he goes to music shows and gets real shy and cute and I'm like awww pARK JIMINENENE ehehehe then he does a performance and wtf Park Jimin gtfo goddammit sTOP BITING YOUR LIP

(S/N: His mom contraception dream for him was a small bright pepper hanging from a tree and that's literally Jimin rn)

15. Onew of SHINee (Just no)

Have you seen their View performances? Did you see those contacts he was wearing? Have you heard their newest Japanese release? The one where he raps? I'm upset with Onew. I will not be dragged into the depths of hell bcuz of u. Put your hips away. NO. BAD. BAD ONEW. NO!

This has nothing to do with anything I've just said but my iKon Bobby Reaction Card has reached 500+ likes, so that's cool and I got excited. Then the notifications made my phone crash 4 times so yeah. Thanks you guys aha <3

Tagging the usuals, lemme know if you want on/off of the list~


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