First Card of 2016


So for my first card of 2016 I decided to look back at all (almost all) the biases I had(have) in 2015...


Of course my Ultimate Bias Jong Up will be on the list

Min Yoongi

Wei, Bit-to, and Kuhn from Up10tion

I explored new groups and found out I like the members named Minhyuk (I didn't know their names at first until I looked up the groups to figure out who was who in their videos) Minhyuk from BtoB Minhyuk from M.A.P 6 Minhyuk from Monsta X bonus Hyuk from Vixx

Bias and bias wreckers : 1+2 - Woozi and Hoshi 3- Donwoo and Sunggyu 4. Kisu and Daeil

1&2 Simba from JJCC 3 Kim Sung Gu from High4 4 H.O. from MadTown

1&2 St.Van from VAV 3&4 Chanyeol from EXO 5&6 JinJin from ASTRO

Mysterious Ado from A6P

Lastly groups that I could not choose a bias from ... AlphaBAT and BIG (Boys In Groove)


so I wonder what biases will be added to the list this year ...


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