TOP 5 SHIPS CHALLENGE so I was nominated for this and well here you go.

FIRST GD and SEUNGRI I think they make the cutest couple ever. GD the out going and shy. SUENGRI the youngest and most adorable.

SECOND T.O.P and DAESUNG T.O.P the mysterious and childish. DAESUNG the muscle and smiles.

THIRD JACKSON and MARK. JACKSON the clueless and smooth. MARK the eyes and movement.

FOURTH GD and CL GD the swag and voice. CL the chic and moves.

FIFTH TAEYANG and GD. TAEYANG the abs and no shirt. GD the sass and smirk.

Here it is my 5 ships. Yes GD was in 3 of them but come on like you wouldn't ship him with those 3.


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