Top 5 OTP ships challenge

I was tagged by@helixx to do this challenge so hear we go.

#5 Namjin I find them super cute together and they are great 'parents' to our boys. Gotta Ship Mom and Dad. They compliment eachother.

#4 DaeJae I love this ship! B.A.P is my UB group and I could of picked anyone but DaeJae is my favorite ship in the group. They are so adorable and goofy with each other and knowing what the group went through and still seeing them strong together is priceless

#3 ToDae I absolutely love this ship. They are so different from each other but you can see the closeness. I know TOP is happy with all the members but I see him smile and laugh more with Daesung. Daesung is a ball of sunshine and he brightens up everyone.

#2 Markson Choosing the second and first ship was the hardest decision. My number 2 is Markson. There cuteness and loveable levels are sky high. Jackson always seem happier with Mark and they are just perfect together.

#1 YaDong We need a better ship name for them lol. My number 1 is YaDong. These guys are just perfect with each other. They are like Markson but Markson is confident and YaDong are just so shy and cute with eachother -sigh dreamily- they are beyond cute and adorable I just can't take it. There you have it my top 5 ships enjoy and this first pic of Baekho was just a bonus. if you already been tagged and done this please tag me in it. @nikkitty@prettieeEmm@AimeeH@leighholgate@jeppblackmen@JohnEvans@B1A4BTS5ever@kpopandkimchi@Morganelisbeth

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