Upgrade challenge ^.^

So i been tagged by some people so might as well this is little old baby Tiffany geez i still have those chubby cheeks >.<

And this is me now the second one was because i was bored. If i tag you and you already did this then tell me >.<

Min Yoongi 😍💕💍 Kyungsoo 😍💞🔐 Kris Yifan 😍💜💍 "You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your fuckn' fingers & say,"That's the bad guy." #Kpoptrash #Animetrash Snap: exo2001 Instagram: xxhuman__errorxx IF YOU DISLIKE A MEMBER(S) THEN KEEP THAT TO YOURSELF & DONT START FAN WARS 👿
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