keeping in tract...:-0

hi's summer here in the Philippines and know what's the good thing about it?NO CLASS a good time to for HUNTING NEW KOREAN DRAMAS AND SONGS..but recently i have a problem about keeping in tract with them for the k dramas i still have to watch the other dramas that i've missed last 2012(of corz i have to watch those k dramas cause i know i will regret it if i won't kekekeke...)and there are already hundredths of up coming drams for 2013 and for the kpop world well it is not as big as my problem for the korean dramas i just have a little problem about how to follow the millions of korean groups since i love all of them kekekeke...but even if it is hard to keep in tract with them i would still dare since they are one of the things that makes me happy :-) have a good day and FIGHTING...

This today of yours is the precious tomorrow of someone who passed away yesterday.” — Ji Hyun from 49 Days so we should live our lives as if there's no tomorrow cause life is so short so we should learn to treasure every second,every minute,and every hour of the day... hello guyz i'm a korean addict and i'm really dreaming to find a buddy who also love them as much as i do...
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