Part 2

My friends and I decided to go skating. We hadn’t gone since we were kids so we thought it would be fun. Well right off the bat we sucked! They didn’t have rollerblades to rent so we had to go with the actually roller skates. Getting used to those was fun. We would start going until someone decided to stop and we all would fall. We were having a good time though. At one of the points that we had fallen due to someone stopping. Lynn was the first to stand up and she scared the hell out of us.

“Oh my god! Look at those guys!” we all quickly scrambled to look where she was looking. There was a group of guys that were at the register. They were all very attractive. There was one that just grabbed my eye.

“That hair!” I blurted out. He had this amazing orange hair.

“He stands out.” Kenzie said

Yes he did that orange hair was so bright compared to the other guys with him. One had silver hair while rest were black or a shade of brown.

“Ok girls let’s not stare anymore.” I said and started skating away from them. They quickly joined me. With that we were back to falling and taking at least one person down with us. After several attempts we got better and weren’t taking anyone out. The guys that had grabbed our attention had been out skating and they were amazing. The guy with the orange hair always was holding onto someone as they pulled him around. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. After finally perfecting skating the girls decided to take a break, while I wanted to keep on skating, I was afraid that if I stopped then my ability to skate would go away.

“(Y/N)! WATCH OUT!!!” I turned towards the yelling.


I hit the ground and then there was something heavy on me. I opened my eyes.

The guy with orange hair was on top of me. I blushed with how close our faces were.

“I am so sorry!” he quickly got off of me and had his hand out for me to grab it.

“It’s ok, I took some of my friends out earlier.” I said while taking his hand and he started to pull me up and I tried to help but that only caused us to fall again. This time I started laughing and he joined me.

“Ok let’s just try this again.”

He got up and this time successfully got me on my feet.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I’m (Y/N) what’s your name?”

“I’m Taehyung.” And he did this V sign with his finger and smiled.

“You’re cute!” I blurted out and quickly covered my mouth with my hand.

He laughed

“Thanks so are you.”

I blushed

“So (Y/N) after I get better at this skating do you want to skate with me?”

“Yea that would be fun.” I smiled

“Ok….I’m going to start now so you don’t have to wait long.”

“Ok.” I laughed and he was off. I decided then that I needed to get some water. When I did the girls asked me about what happened.

“His name is Taehyung. I accidentally called him cute but he said I was cute too and now he’s working on his skating so we could skate together….. He has this cute rectangular smile.”

“You guys were so cute! You should go get his number.” Lilly said

“Ha maybe.” I looked onto the rink…I didn’t see him. I started glancing around the edges. I found him back by his group of friends. Some were returning there skates. Already? They were only here for 20 minutes. Taehyung saw me looking at him and he grabbed his shoes and skated over to me….He had to use the wall and tables to get to me, it was a funny sight to see.

“(Y/N), I’m so sorry we have to leave now.”

“Oh it’s ok…. Did something happen?”

“I don’t really know… All I know is that our friend called and they all say its urgent matter about a girl.”

“Oh I hope it isn’t bad.”

“Yea same here…but I’m really upset because I didn’t get to skate with you and I wanted to.”

“It’s ok.”

“No it’s not……Here.” He grabbed my hand and wrote a number on my hand. “Call me sometime and well come and skate together…you can call or text me anytime.”

I smiled.


“Taehyung! Come on!” one of his friends said and he quickly changed into his shoes.

Before he took off he grabbed my hand in his.

“Bye (Y/N)” he said and kissed my hand

“Bye Taehyung.” He took off and as he ran past the counter he threw his skates on it. After he was out of the door the girls started teasing me.

“(Y/N) got Taehyungs number without asking for it!!!!”

“He even kissed her hand!”

I ignored them. The only thought on my mind was to get Taehyungs number in my phone. I skated back to my bag quickly and pulled out my phone and put his number in. Once it was in I then sent him a text.

ME: Hey it’s (Y/N). I forgot to give you my number.”

TAEHYUNG: Thanks! Be warned I’m going to text you like crazy.

ME:  OK

“(Y/N) lets go eat!” Lilly said


I decided to send one more text to Taehyung.

ME: I hope your friend is ok! Text me anytime you want! 

Then I threw my phone in my bag and took my skates off and set them on the counter. After we all had our shoed on we then picked where we wanted to eat. But they still continued to tease me, as well as giving me advice.

These girls think I’ve never had a guy hit on me. Although I’ve never had a man literally hit me and knock me off my feet like Taehyung had done to me. And even though he only kissed my hand, there is still a tingly feeling where he kissed.

Alright since I had this one written out I wanted to post it before i left on my trip tomorrow. When I get time hopefully I can post something.

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Thank you to everyone who has read my fanfics. I really enjoy that you guys like this. I see that several feels were hit and I tired my best. I love you guys!!!!


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