The Knockout Game pt.2 *THE RULES*

In order to make this round more fun and UNDERSTANDABLE for everyone I've decided to dedicate a whole entire card to the rules. Let's get started. Shall We?

Rule Number One:

How the game works, on the main card in pretty font it will say "Who is the Least Bad-ass?" Don't let that confuse you, that is just simply the secondary question to the primary question. In order to find out who is the MOST bad-ass we have to relieve those who are the least bad-ass first. Therefore you vote who you think is the least bad-ass amoungst the group, the last one standing will be...You guessed it the MOST BAD-ASS. Get it?

Rule Number Two:

Not that there was any last round, but just keep in mind that as far as the Otaku eye can see, Vingle is a pretty violence free zone. Let's keep it that way. Yeah of course, we let it slip but just make sure you keep it to a minimum. Don't be a spaz when you find out that your favorite character has been eliminated. Remember, IT'S ALL GOOD BRO.

Rule Number Three:

This is probably the biggest rule, that MUST be followed at all costs. Please, Please keep your votes to one person. I love the fact that you want to be involved, but it is extremely hard for me to decide who you voted for when you have more than one vote in your comment.

For Example, you vote should look like or be similar or at least close to the one show below:

Correct Vote: I vote for Mikasa and/or you can just put Mikasa

Incorrect Vote: I vote for Mikasa, Asuna, Akame, and Erza and/or Mikasa and Erza are both pretty lame, but all in all it's Maka who needs to go.

I know that the incorrect vote seems pretty straight forward, but I would still have to decipher who you truly want to get rid off.

With that being said, I hate to do it, but because there was so much of it last round. BE AWARE THAT IF YOUR VOTE LOOKS LIKE THE INCORRECT ONE, I WILL NOT COUNT IT. YOUR VOTE WILL BE INVALID TOWARDS THE GAME FOR THAT ROUND.

Rule Number Four:

You are only allowed to vote once, this may seem similar to rule number three, but I promise you it's not. Saying you can only vote once is just to insure that you don't do rule 3 but in separate comments (It's been done), You can comment as many times as you want, but once you put your vote in, you cannot vote again. For example if you vote once and you say Maka, you can't come 2 days later and say Ryuko. It just doesn't work that way.

Rule Number Five:

Be on time, each round does have a time period on which you are allowed to vote. Note that sometimes card uploads may be delayed, that will be the only exception for extended deadlines. How will you know when the time is up? Well, new cards will be uploaded every Sunday so that's one way to keep track, but just in case. I will also make a comment announcing when voting is closed.

Any Questions?

If so please feel free to drop them in the comments box below and I will make sure to clear up any confusion you may have. Feel like a rule should be here that's not? Make it known, put it in the comments box and I'll add it to this card. JUST FOR YOU.


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