ENDING of Prologue.

It was raining and I began to worry. Kai hasn't been in the dorms for 9 hours already. My anxiety got the best of me and I decided to go out and look for him.

Everywhere yelling Kai's name and yet no response, nothing. I was about to give up when I saw this tall guy walking alone with out an umbrella and I knew it was Kai.

"KAI!!, YAH!!". The man looks up and stares at me as I run towards him.

"Where the hell were you, I've been looking everywhere for, like you know how worried I was you little peace of shit!!". I look up at him and all he did was smile and pat my head. "I can't be with you". He said crying out the words.

"What are you talking about...... Kai?... Kai please answer me (tearing in fear)"

(Grabbing Ksoo's hands.) "Suho... umm he said that I had to choose between Sehun and you and that if I choose you Sehun will get hurt and if I choose him... you will get hurt. I don't want to hurt you because of me nor do I want to hurt anyone else. (Grabbing on to his neck). I'm so sorry Ksoo, please I'm so sorry".

Ksoo cried on my shoulder holding on to my chest tightly and didn't let go until...I left him. I can hear his voice calling my name from a far. The tears falling down my cheeks felt cold and lonesome..... just like my heart.

I'm Sorry Ksoo..... I'm sorry Sehun.

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