I'd Never Finale

Sprawled out across the couch with a tub of ice cream resting on your stomach, you boredly flipped through the channels. Why wasn’t there anything to watch? Shifting to your side, the ice cream and spoon were placed down on the carpeted floor of your apartment. Most of it was melted anyway, and it wasn’t even your favorite flavor. Bored eyes stared down all the buttons on the remote, none of which seemed to alleviate your bland mood. A hand, gently landed on your hip, slowly sliding up to your shoulder. You jumped, quickly turning back to see who it was. Leaning against the back of the sofa with a coy smile on his face was Taehyung. He smiled down at you, retracting his hand to flick his bangs out his face. “Are you looking for something to watch for movie night?” You settled back down grumpily,”I was, but there’s nothing to watch.” He chuckled at your pouting face as you went back to flipping through channels. His legs blocked your line of vision momentarily as he went to sit down beside you. Technically, you were taking up the entire couch, so he had sat on top of your legs, careful not to apply his entire weight. Taehyung’s eyes drifted to the carton of ice cream,”Were you eating my ice cream again? You don’t even like that flavor.”

“I really wanted ice cream,”You sighed,”And I thought I could man up, but it was too nasty.” Taehyung flopped over you, wrapping his arms around your body,”Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream is not nasty.” he whispered, pulling down on your shoulder to make your face closer to his. Dark eyes flickered down to your lips, before reluctantly moving back to your eyes when you flattened your mouth into a flat line. His happy demeanour faded into a pensive stare,”Why won’t you let me kiss you?” he asked quietly. “I let you kiss me all the time.” You quipped, flipping to another channel. He gently ran his nose along your arm, “I meant your lips,” V clarified,”Why won’t you let me kiss your lips? I know you’re nervous about us being back together again, but…Y/N, I’m not going to hurt you anymore.” You shrugged, feeling the soft suckling of his lips pressing a quick kiss to your upper arm. His large hand gripped your forearm, pulling down steadily. He shifted you downwards as he moved upwards, his head now a few centimeters higher up on the couch than yours. One hand moved up to prop against the armrest of the couch, while the other slid down to your hand, flicking the remote from your grasp. It bounced to the floor with a dull thud. He now had your full attention. Fixing him with dull stare, you watched as his head drooped down, lips brushing against your collarbone. “Excuse me sir, I was trying to watch TV.” You muttered. He drew in a shuddered breath, mouth pressing harder against your skin to better feel the vibrations of your voice within your chest.

“There’s nothing to watch.” he mumbled back, hand slipping behind your back to pull you up closer to him. You heard him sigh, fingers curling into your skin. Something slick swiped against your skin and you tensed, suddenly realizing his face was now buried in your neck, teeth slowly grazing against the skin. “Relax, Jagi..” He soothed, hot breath panting against you,”Relax.” Your fingers curled into the thick material of his cardigan bunched up around his elbows. He got the hint, slowly pulling away,”I love you.” He murmured,”So much that sometimes it hurts.” Your eyes shifted back to the television, “Well me too, but you don’t see me trying to melt into you.” A commerical had just rolled in and you huffed, turning your head back to him. “How was your day?” He smiled, “It was good. I missed you..” “Is that why you came home like this?” A bashful blush spread across his cheeks,”Yeah..” He closed his mouth when your hands came up to his face, thumbs running over his lips slowly. Watching him lean into your touch made your heart flutter, breath catching briefly. He lowered his head, intending to rest it against your chest, but you pulled it up to your face, pressing a soft kiss to his nose. “I missed you too.”You admitted. Taehyung grinned shyly,”How much?” At the feel of your lips pressed against his, he suddenly pressed his weight into you, sighing happily when your lips slid away from his. “It’s decided, we’re never leaving this couch again.” “Taehyung…”

Credit to suga-of-daegu @megancurrent9@DanaMichelle @chinabarrier16@KaileShearer@KaitlynHewitt@Kpopssible4245@CrystalGuerra@VeronicaArtino@justcallmekyki@Aristaj@JasmineWilliams@bbyitskatie@roseeoh@EWillsea@christianliu@DeniceSuit@yaya12@ninjamidori@FruityPoptart@MsLoyalHeart@disorono@SusiBosshammer@GossamoKewen95@jellybeanlov3@dchapple45@MomoChamie@Eliortiz13@jjrockstar@KarlythePanda66 @Alyessiazavala@ILikeHisFace123@JoseCullen@Zephoria@KendraReeve@VikaAlex@VatcheeAfandi99 Hope you guys enjoy the storie I'll be posting a new one let me know if you want to be tag

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